Another View of Flower Drawings

by Betsy Nolander-Smith
(Fort Collins)

Line Drawing of Flower

Line Drawing of Flower

I love drawings of flowers because they make me feel incredibly relaxed and just the sight of drawings of flowers sparks my imagination.

Don’t you like to imagine yourself sitting in an expansive field filled with flowers of every imaginable color—the field stretches as far as the eye can see in every direction?

The warm hues of the yellow, orange and red flowers are quite contrasting with the cool colors of the blue and purple flowers.

A soft breeze blows across the field and rustles the tops of the flower buds. It makes a beautiful whooshing sound as the bees flit around from flower to flower, sipping on the sweet nectar contained within.

The pollen sticks to their fuzzy little bodies, so they can pollinate and bring forth new flowers elsewhere.

I like to think that each drawing I see is brought forth by these tiny working bees. I pick one of the flowers and absorb the subtle fragrance. It smells incredibly aromatic, like the finest perfume you can find anywhere.

I lie down in the field of flowers and stretch out my limbs. The buds cushion my body and it feels like the softest bed imaginable. I look upwards at the sky and see pollen released from the flower buds, flying into the air.

It swirls through the sky, forming indescribable patterns. Voluminous clouds float by in the pale blue sky. When I see a drawing of flowers, I close my eyes and think of this scene. I drift off into relaxation...

I think I'll take a course on drawing flowers!

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