Are Vampires Really Frightening Creatures? Or Werewolves?

by Randy DuPlusee
(Joberg SA)

Werewolf and Vampire Cross

Werewolf and Vampire Cross

Well, maybe they can be depending on the artists' skill in drawing them. There are always creepy things roaming around under darkness. There are many other bloodthirsty creatures that even LOOK like humans 'cept some of them have hairy facial features, some have fangs that find comfort in their hanging jowls. Be aware after dark when these creatures come alive.

Real life vampires became popular a few centuries past but my question is - are they really alive or any part of them change a bit after dark? What's your take on that?

We've got Halloween just around the corner, what have you got lined up for a giant-sized pumpkin? To me, they all look the same boring slots for the eyes and mouth -- like about another 45 million of them in your neighborhood!

Maybe you can marry up a vampire with a werewolf? Make it halfway between a humanoid and a werewolf?

What you could do on Halloween day is to put a sound box inside the pumpkin to give piecing, screeching sounds which will add to it being - at least, a little scarier.

Come on, you are creative, let's have some of your creative suggestions for Halloween Day! Make it a lot of fun - and if it scares you a little, it certainly will do the same for others!

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