Are You Blessed With Real Talent?

by Jollyon Hooley
(Saint Martins)

Artist's Paint Brushes

Artist's Paint Brushes

A Drawing hobby can be one way of expressing your feelings while conveying emotions. Some people take it like a drug, which they cannot live without!

Few people are blessed with real talent but is essential to master the art of drawing where you can visualize things from your own viewpoint to share with others. Whatever may be the reason, it’s essential to invest in quality drawing supplies which will last longer and give better results.

If you are planning to take drawing as a serious professional, it is advisable to start shopping around for different supplies of drawing materials other than on just “good pencils.”

Paper is one of the basic supplies used by artists as you know but there are truckloads of various types of drawing paper available from hand- made heavy weight paper in the market to choose from.

There are many variations in the quality, size, texture and color, hue and strength and absorption capacity. So you have to know quite a lot about your watercolor or drawing paper as different media has different effects!

The papers range from the low grade newspaper quality use for the practice to the highly priced ones with good quality. Drawing artist prefer semi smooth which has a “tooth” (texture) paper for representing fine and broad details.

The rough papers though are ideal for sticking the color better. Papers, which are slightly textured and coarse, are ideal for creating subtle contrasts.

Bristol board, which normally has smooth finish, can be used for ink and fine detailed drawing using graphite.

Papers, which are acid free, can retain color and the texture of paintings for longer periods than paper which has wood pulp such as the news print which turns yellowish sooner. This is caused by acid during pulping and rolling in manufacture. It’s cheap!

Artists also use other different tools in their drawing process. These are the erasers, pencils sharpeners, sandpaper, chamois leather, and blending pallets.

Other tools which are also used at certain art work are scales, blotting paper, fixative, drawing tape, and circle compass.

Use of the slating table and easel can be very useful to minimize the distortion when creating your Perspective Drawing.

Contemporary artists have started using the computer as the medium to portray their skills’ world over.

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