Are You Making Progress in Your Art?

by Mallory du Pont

Abstract Art Today

Abstract Art Today

It seems to many that progress in art seems to have run its course and is flatlining!

Anything in contemporary art is considered to be trash. Trash that is, if you are over 50. The millennials see things differently and are more aware of trends in art.

Whatever your opinion is, we cannot miss seeing what is created today - some really creative modern and contemporary art.

Art of the past tends to be seen as part of a continuous history so carefully look at abstract art to see if it breakes out of the norm and has not been seen before.

Take a look at the more recent works by Mondrian, Frank Stella and Jackson Pollock. Cezanne has created not on;y creative forms but his use of color alone has made the difference in raising creativity with art forms.

It is good to raise your drawing skills by studying these modern day artists as well as some of the top contemporary artists.

Grab yourself a magazine "American Art Today" and look at what is being produced now in 2017! Also for really creative art go to where you will be some of the top artists of today. I think you will get a nice surprise.

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