Are You Running Out Of Things To Draw?

by jollyon Hooley
(Santa Barbara CA)

Start Drawing With Sctibbles

Start Drawing With Sctibbles

Wondering where to find inspiration?

Yes, I've been wondering how to find inspiration, especially after a mental block.

It is best to start off with a soft 2B pencil where you are creating lines only. No paint, that can wait. Why? So you really concentrate on lines, not color.

As you confront a white sheet of paper not wanting to spoil it, be brave and create scribble-like forms - just let your pencil do its own thing as your hand moves across the paper in a reckless way. Do not think of anything if you can. It is not easy while your pencil glides across your paper.

Do not scribble in tiny forms GO BIG!

Once you have warmed up get a smallish book, plonk it down on your drawing, then draw a line around the book as a guide. Next, move the book or get a larger one and do the same thing SO YOU HAVE ONE RECTANGLE OVER THE OTHER and your scribbling.

Now have a look at your shapes. See if you can fit in odd shapes between the straight lines - do several of them.

Now get your coloring pencils a fill in with bright colors (as in color by numbers). Do you like what you have done?

Now do it again and get all sorts of objects you can draw around, then post it here on this site or Pinterest.

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