Are You Using Color Correctly?

by Jollyon Hooley
(Ft Hudson)

Color: Using it Correctly?

Color: Using it Correctly?

Or Do You have a sea of Mud in Your Painting?

When you begin to splash color around, you’ll be confronted with several problems; A) how do you relate your color pigments to the colors of the real world? B) And how would you relate those colors on your canvas to other colors already there?

If you look at the landscape out there—where ever you are—there’s a myriad of grays intermixed with subtle greens in the grasses.

People generally view the world from pre-conceived ideas without actually SEEING what is there. Probably when you start art school your awareness will increase and be able to SEE what is actually there. This of course will make a vast difference to your artwork where one color can play a big part in its opposite color.

You have to be able to create those colors you detect, grays with soft green and reds either mixed or used as complementary colors.

This can get complex but if you get to know the color scale you will eventually do it naturally without thinking.

The goal here is to understand how color works with other colors that come about through experience; paint a canvas a day showing complimentary colors and over several months you will be an expert with art buyers knocking down your door.

Ok, look at contemporary art today—don’t take too much notice of the style but check the colors and how they have been used.

Let me know if you like to see more articles on color. It is a vast subject and much has been written about it!

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