Are Your Oil Paintings You Sold Next To Zero?

by J. Mumford
(Village Norton)

Elephant in The Wild

Elephant in The Wild

Well, it is not an easy niche to break into as there must be as many niches as there are paintings!

Have you had a passion for a specific niche like flowers, landscapes, sunsets, portraits, seascapes, abstracts or super realism? Once you have decided, the niche can be broken down into smaller parts like impressionism, abstract nudes or an impression of flowers in a vase.

Decide if you like super realism paintings or abstract or something in-between.

Maybe you would like to try various niches until one of them clicks and you create a masterpiece? The "old masters" tried everything and even started trends which caught on with other top artists.

Of course, once they became well known they did not have a problem selling them even though they were creative like Picasso who started new trends. (Cubism trends. Most of these top artists had high paying clients and, once known, they never had a problem with sales!

Selling paintings is not so easy for the artist who must paint and market his work at the same time becomes a headache. I have had a pretty good run a few years ago selling art on eBay, Etsy and Craig’s List.

I was lucky enough to have a good tutor in marketing which, to an artist, can be really boring.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when selling your watercolor sketch or your massive abstract painting.

• Niche
• style or trend, subject matter
• color
• size
• Your passion for any of these.

Next week I'll write about specific things people like in paintings and why they purchase. Most, by the survey, had specifics and the difficult question was “Can those colors blend in with my dining room set?” Or “Can you match these colors with my bedroom décor?”

It is a bit of fun to find out what people like!

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