Arnold Schwarzenegger Cartoons

by Weight-Lifter Pete
(Arnold's Gym)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cartoon

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cartoon

Here's my old time favorite, Arnold. He's NOT REALLY my favorite or even a hero in his movies.

In my opinion he can't act to save his masculine flabby body. All these weightlifters seem to go to seed FAST if you have a look at the before and after images.

I often wonder why these dudes go to seed and if it could be a mental thing or physical. It can be painful to go to the gym every day and confront the slog of pumping iron.

On top of that, how can you eat say 12 eggs and four pounds of bacon for breakfast? It must also be tough on the stomach. Do you think the creeping flab could be due to laziness?

Well, that's my take on it. I'd like to mention one thing though, I've seen weightlifters in their 70's who have not developed "man-boobs" through eating a truckload of testosterone which means they've starved their body of estrogen. Isn't that right?

Hope you like this cartoon of Arnold created in a "way-back" machine! Just kidding!

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