Artists of Today

by Jon Saqarra
(Estes Park)

Old Style Cartoon Drawing

Old Style Cartoon Drawing

Subject matter portrayed by the Renaissance was the fact the major parts of their work was commissioned painting by the church or very wealthy patients.

The artists of those bygone days only worked in the framework of pleasing their patrons. Not in today’s market unless you are lucky.

Today’s students has a short time span when he or she can have free reign to do what they like and not be under the influence of a patron’s needs.

There must be thousands of creative artist unable to sell their work or get on-going commissioned work. In college, you are shown how to hold a brush, what color is all about, maybe how to stretch a canvas and several other skills. What is missing is “how to market your art.”

Of course you can put up a market stall, hang a few paintings, smile at the passers in the hope they like your work. Now it is 5.00 pm and time to pack it in and you have not only not sold one of your great works of art—but also there was no interest shown in any of your art.

You leave the market place dejected and wonder if you should have spent all those years in college. You think maybe you should find out what paintings are selling really well, paint a rough copy of style, drop the price a bit, then pray! Nah! That’s not the way to go.

Art schools should offer all the trends in art education—you should be able to develop independently, your own ideas and how you approach art.

Think for a moment…You are setting up your large canvas, placed your palette on the table, shooting a blob of oil paint on it, then staring at the blank canvas wondering how your painting is going to turn out!

You reflect for a while on all the artists you have studied. No, you think, I want to paint something entirely original.

If you are an art student, insist on expanding (thru getting more aware of all aspects of your imagination, experimentation and your ideas.) Get a notebook and use it extensively with your drawings and your thoughts.

Then go back and read your thoughts and expand on them—more ideas will float into view.

Jon Saqarra March 25, 2016

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