Ash Sketch

by Mukesh Sharma
(Kota, Rajasthan)

Sketch of Ashwariya Rai from Taal movie. I welcome comments please.

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Dec 05, 2012
My thoughts on Ash sketch
by: Larry Goldman

I think it is a fairly competent drawing and I observe the comments by Mr Duncan which I partially agree on.

Perhaps your sketch can be enhanced by more light and dark values thereby making it less "flat" as Mr Duncan suggested. Also the drawing is very "tight" as though you have labored over it for hours; in other words there is no sponteneity there.

My opinion is you should practice gesture drawing by re-drawing this again in about an hour, do it several times and see the difference in being tight and loose. Good luck with your drawings.

Mar 26, 2012
by: R.L."Bob" Duncan

I don't know it all, an d don't intend to be critical, but constructive comments are helpful.
You need to add more flesh tone and highlights. The portrait appears flat where it should have more light and dark areas to make it pop out.
Please compare and feel free to comment on two of my drawings.

I got lots of help from the "five pencil drawings" by Darrel Tank

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