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AWeber Communications is a frontrunner in email marketing. It plays in the same league as other autoresponder services such as GetResponse, MailChimp, StreamSend, iContact, and ActiveCampaign.

One of the superior features of AWeber is the simple, effective, customizable autoresponse system it provides.

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Being stellar at responding to people subscribing to your online content is one of the cornerstones of successful email marketing.

AWeber's autoresponse abilities make keeping in touch with subscribers simple.

The options are completely and quickly customizable. There are over 150 templates to choose from, and the automated service means that once you've set up your email content and mailing schedule once, you're good to go for as long as you like. 

AWeber Communications makes it simple to integrate your email subscription forms into other platforms. Social media, websites, etc support the AWeber subscription form, putting all of your marketing and promotion in one place. AWeber even works with popular shopping cart services, giving customers the option at check-out to subscribe to your mailing list.

If you're new to the email marketing game - or just want a refresher - AWeber offers regular live webinar sessions where you can learn more about AWeber and effective email marketing in general. The webinars you have access to move from beginner to intermediate to experienced, growing with you and eventually keying in on niche aspects of email marketing.

In a similar vein, AWeber provides detailed feedback and comprehensive analyses of how your marketing campaign is doing. This easy access to reports means you can always be on top of your subscription base. AWeber compiles demographic information for you, and it displays data in charts to give you a clearer picture of how your emails are being received.

Unfortunately, AWeber is a bit lacking when it comes to syncing with other email service programs and contact databases. Getting contacts into AWeber isn't as seamless as some of the other email marketing services out there.

This is a minor problem, though, seeing as it's a one-time hindrance typically only experienced by new users. AWeber also only supports two upload formats - a manual, text-based upload and a spreadsheet upload - but this is, again, only a one-time difficulty that is easy to work around.

The site does take time to learn to navigate. Ever after using it for two years, some users still had difficulties finding their ways around. All in all, though, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to AWeber.

Our recommendation is Aweber worthy of top position on the Leader Board for Autoresponders. Your choice.

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