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The symbols or icons we know have been derived from Aztec warrior drawings.

In those days, there were many different tribes who expressed their culture through their drawings—and so this page is all about their colorful designs and drawings.

Aztec tribes—the most famous of the tribes, reached the summit of all Aztec drawings. The Aztecs have left us behind a huge legacy of various beautiful characters.

Drawings were a form of art, which attached great importance to their culture. Aztec drawings are known for the complexity of their drawings, as well as its diversity. Some figures and whole areas in the images were sacred to the Aztecs.

Art has always played a big role in the life of the Aztec tribes. For example, at a young age, children and women were taught the art of pottery. Most drawings for Aztecs have religious, spiritual or ritual significance. In the everyday life of the Aztecs, who lived about 600 years ago, the goal was to worship the Gods. 

There is one big difference between the Aztec warrior drawings from other tribal drawings. These drawings are not only an important place in the culture, but also used in various rituals—offering the gods their captured victims: Aztec drawings were created to worship Aztec gods.  The most important thing for them was the God of the sun, which gives life and is the guardian of the heavens. He is depicted as a blue face. The sun, with its constant rising and setting was regarded as definitive proof of life after death. In addition to images of the sun they could be used in drawing symbols of beautiful Aztec language indicating light. Today, the Aztec sun drawings can symbolize faith in life after death.

Aztec's with a dagger carved out of a person still living heart in sacrifice to the Sun God, is another theme in the contemporary Latin American drawings. A God warrior (Tezcatlipoca) is very popular image in Aztec drawings. He is often depicted with his tongue hanging out. 

Aztec SymbolsMesoamerica from the 14th to 16th centuries
Aztec SymbolsAztec Warrior

Winged serpent God, Quetzalcoatl, was honored as the Aztecs and Mayans. As the God of creation, fertility and weather, it is also a symbol of ancient wisdom (although if you read the full history, they had little wisdom and were quite barbaric hence their rapid demise.) Drawings with his image are now among the most popular Aztec drawings. 

In addition to drawings, expressive of devotion to the Gods, there were drawings refer to any position in the tribe, as well as achievements in life.  

Success in life and in the battles of the Gods depended on the way everyone on their body express their devotion to them. Drawings were chosen not by chance, in essence, they were applied to the arms, chest and stomach. These places were the energy centers of the body--so get your tattoo down the drag here at the Aztec Hut.

Other popular symbols in the Aztec culture were eagles, warriors, princesses and the Aztec calendar. In addition to images of the sun, the Aztecs often applied to an image of the moon and the stars, which are also popular in their time. Aztec Drawings were applied not only to adults but also to children.

Many people today love Aztec drawings because of their visual appeal.

Traditional Aztec warrior drawings were colorful, like many other works of Aztec art, is very stylized. This complexity extends to their drawings, which often are intricate patterns that require a lot of time for their application.

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