Baby Hands Artist: Andy Buck

by Donna Lester

I love the way Andy Buck captures the emotion in such a way that it makes you feel that maybe they are his hands holding his sons or daughters hands.

His shading technique is amazing the way he uses shadows and highlights give the drawing a life like quality that on average only a photographer can capture.

The essence of sadness is all over this piece and yet there is something so wonderful and peaceful about it. With the saying like father like son, shows that maybe the child will be a chip off the old block and want to grow up to be like the average boys hero, his father.

The hands in this drawing look worn, as if both parent and child were working hard together. Back in the great depression children worked along the side of their parents to bring in some sort of income to provide for their family.

With hands this weathered it makes someone question if maybe the child had been working. Even though the piece is called Baby Hands it reminds me of a young child not necessarily a baby in general.

It gives a sad and depressing emotion that lingers with you. It also makes one wonder if the artist possibly grew up during the depression in the 1930’s

The solid black background in this image means a lot. With the dark background it makes the foreground pop with amazing contrast. Its grays and highlights that would be nearly impossible to recreate on a light background.

The intensity of Baby Hands would be hard to duplicate in this day in age there is so much emotion in this drawing that the possibilities of what it exactly represents will never be known, and that it will be open to interpretation by the viewer.

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