Bald Eagle Drawings

Capturing the Magic
of a National Symbol

Bald Eagle DrawingsA Bird of Prey - A Bald Eagle Drawing in pencil and ink,

While trying your luck at penciling some cool bald eagle drawings, remember that the bald eagle is far more than a bird; it’s a beautiful symbol of our nation, as well as a living representative of ideas like freedom and independence.

The bald eagle is our official national bird, it has represented our country for more than a century. Its beauty and flying power are legendary; and though once considered an endangered species, the bald eagle has come back stronger than ever and can be seen flying high throughout the nation.

If you are not able to see a good example of a live bald eagle, then track down a book or magazine or Google bald eagle images that feature up close and detailed photos of the bird. You also might look up images on the Internet, or even look at a copy of the Seal of the President of the United States, which features the bald eagle up front and center. Study these pictures as closely as possible, to get a sense of the bird’s body type and other important details.

Bald Eagle DrawingsBald Eagle for Coloring in
Bald Eagle DrawingsBald Eagle, the Majestic Bird of America

Once you’ve observed the bald eagle, start on your drawing as soon as possible; while its beautiful image is still fresh in your mind.

Draw a large oval to represent its body, a smaller oval for its head, and a triangle for its large beak. Use broad, flowing strokes to draw its wings and tail. Make the bird’s eyes large and detailed, but not too round in shape.

After you've drawn the body of a bald eagle, you might use pencils to shade in the details of the bird's feathers; make them look as fluffy and textured as possible, to give the impression of a real bird. And if you choose to color the bird with paints or colored pencils, note that while the head of an eagle is a pure ivory-white, its body is very dark in color.

It’s easy to draw a bald eagle; try and capture the beauty of the bird and what it represents. And did you know, bald eagles are not really bald!

Bald Eagle DrawingsNot a True Blue Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle DrawingsBald Eagle, eyes sharper than a hawk!
Wonderful Bald Eagle Drawingscapture these bald eagles in pencil
Masterful Bald Eagle DrawingsOr capture in pen and ink

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