Bamboo or Ballpoint Pens For You?

by Mary-Anne Vander Merwe
(Durban South Africa)

Bamboo Pens

Bamboo Pens

Are you a 'purist' and like using a bamboo pen? There is an extensive collection of available pens and the simplest of them all is the bamboo pen. If you have not tried it yet you are missing much in character drawing.

Bamboo pens give you the edge on creative drawings where lively sketches are created.

Have you ever tried bamboo or even a ballpoint pen? You have absolute control with the ballpoint but not the ballpoint!

With the latter, you get an even flow of ink that does not vary (in most decent pens). Bamboo pens lend themselves to random textured lines but not with a ballpoint.

With your bamboo pen, you can create a fluid and expressive lines with the softer nib. Nibs can be contoured to suit your style, depends on how you shape the nib, so experimenting with a
nib style can be a blast!

I say it is a lot of fun once you've mastered basic techniques-you'll be displaying your creativeness in your drawings.

IMO there is no comparison between the bamboo and ballpoint-I guess you will not want to go back to the ballpoint for your finished artwork.

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