Barbara Streisand Cartoon

by J. Thorpe
(Stourbridge UK)

Barbara Streisand Cartoon

Barbara Streisand Cartoon

Just trying my hand at cartoons mainly of well-known people. As in some of the lessons I've had, it says to exaggerate all the features but if you go too far it does not look like it is supposed to be.

It is good to get a good likeness and make the drawing look like fun stuff. I've seen many cartoons of Mick Jagger with the ugliest face imaginable and exaggerated beyond belief! But they actually look like him.

With this drawing of Barbara Streisand, we all know she has a very large nose and has never (to my knowledge) had it "re-modeled" which I think is admirable. Also she has an oval-shaped head with long straight hair. Her eyes seem to be close together and accentuated more by her large nose.

If the webmaster here will allow it, I will put more celebrity cartoons on this site. They sure as hell make me laugh sometimes, just by making fun of famous people.

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