Basic Drawing and Sketching Techniques

by Kristen Foxall
(Fort Collins)

The Dancers by Picasso

The Dancers by Picasso

To begin basic sketching techniques, you need to gather few
First of all what you have to do is to choose the right type of pencil.

There are various pencil grades for you to choose from; at times, pencil grade of one brand can differ from the other, despite having the same number.

It is a recommendable idea to choose a case of pencils with varying grades or select individual pencils from the store or the same company. Once you choose your pencil you can now pick a sketchbook.

The following includes the basic techniques on how to approach sketching.

Make use of broken straight line.

Straight lines are never real, therefore you need to make use of broken lines. Also sketching a long line can be hard, just use short lines which hand is more used to. The shorter the line the closer to the original picture becomes.

Technical sketching requires a lot of concentration.

It is all about drawing things as they are. You need to understand very well that creativity is needed. You need to keep relaxed, sketch fast and thoughtfully. In order to give the best, follow the following rules:

Divide long lines into short ones

Increase the curves in order to have several shorter lines
Touch the paper lightly and ensure that you do not press the
pencil hard.

Create your own style of sketching. You need to try and draw things which other people have not created.

Always think about what you want to achieve not about the lines. Draw fast and personally, unique hard movement will give you a chance to shine. Always practice the following:

Try to draw things from your own environment with shaky and careless lines without taking care about the effect.

Do a lot of sketches and never think about the result. Just
allow your hand to practice its natural movement.

In case you get a chance of tutorials always stay creative, they are very keen on changing lengths, shapes, distances and see where it will take you.

Put proportions into unit measurements.

Wrong proportions are a huge problem for an aspiring artist.

Luckily, it can be overcome if it is not ignored. Proportions are distances that are measured in some units. They usually define a location of an element that is relative to others. Therefore if you want to draw all the pictures two times bigger, all the distances should be doubled.

Learn to see proportions everywhere. This kind of training
can be done in your spare time and it increases your concentration. Also with time, your eyes will be able to do without your awareness. Begin by sketching the simplest pictures of children and more once you will feel and become more confident.

Allow your hand to move freely.

This can happen especially when trying too hard. Give your
hand more time for mistakes. You can practice this by sketching several parallel lines and waves as fast as possible. Allow your hand to feel it free. Try to draw wavy lines especially when reading articles.

You cannot always draw things from imagination. Everything goes well when you follow a tutorial. Try to understand the subject as a whole, if you understand why it is built the way it is, you will be able to sketch it, modify and draw something that looks like yours.

Therefore, it is good to remember that the only way to get
better at something is by practicing. Always carry your sketchbook and practice when you have spare moments because at long last your skills of drawing will improve.

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