Basic Stuff About Color You Should Know

by Jollyon Hooley

Triangular Spectrum of Color

Triangular Spectrum of Color

No matter what your level of color expertise, it can be both exacting and rewarding. You have to know how important it is no matter what genre of the arts you are in.

That could be films, animation, photography, sculpture, design, printing—you name it and you’ll need to know these basics if you are aiming for the top!

The traditions of color in art are quite extreme, exacting and varied. Check the cave dwellers with their ash colors with todays high tech using laser colors--colors that glow in the dark, the flashy neon signs.

New color technology is creeping up on us at an alarming rate especially with high-tech 3D printing.

This is not easy for those artists approaching color for the first time. Color systems and science seem remotely alone from the artist using tradition oils at his easel.

It is quite important that you keep abreast of all these new developments however inexperienced you are.

It is almost impossible to be objective about color as I’ve mentioned many times before. It is up to your own creative abilities to experiment with all these new forms of color.

Some of you will get these “light-bulb” moments which will stay with you throughout your entire career. Jackson Pollock did!

Did you know that one of the most influential experiments was the splitting of white light into color with a triangular prism by Isaac Newton in the late 16th Century? He named 7 divisions of color—the colors of the rainbow.

Today’s color wheel is not far removed from these 7 divisions of color.

The idea now is preoccupied that all colors can be made from the three primary colors—-well, that’s not quite true as you will discover as you develop your ideas with new color theories.

I think this is an exciting field to be creative in.
Let me know if you have any questions about color theory—I’ll respond within a few days!

Jollyon Hooley

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