Be The Artistic Role Model

by Jollyon Hooley

Until recently, the word artist and artisan were synonymous as the job of the painter was much the same as the carpenter. Both are “crafts” in a way.

Painting was seen to be a craft as many painters who were apprentice by the master (oil) painter for years until they could almost duplicate exactly what the “boss” did. Rembrandt had several apprentices who created a good portion of even his major works. (The Night Watchmen was one).

One of the best ways to learn about oil painting is to observe someone who has mastered the art, brush for brush, line for line, scumbling, and all the other small tweaks.

In many cases, the apprentice has overtaken the ‘master.’ Some of the greatest painters began their careers as an assistant to unknown masters—first learning the ropes before going on to break all the rules!

If you examine the techniques of great painters you can learn the way to paint more easily. Broadly, “Painting” refers to any system of applying pigment to a canvas or support.

So who is your current “guru” who can guide you through the myriad of complexities in the art world? The question could be where is the best place to learn about this subject of art? So you do not have a muse but you might find a few free course on the internet.

There are many self-taught painters who produce outstanding works of art. If I were you, I’d practice every day all the basic rules of drawing, trying many media e.g. pen and ink with wash, crayon and wash. Also dabble a little in watercolor techniques.

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