Be the Master of Your Paintings!

by Marcel The Painter



When you are painting or drawing a landscape, still life or anything, do you consider where you place your main object and/or secondary objects? Especially pertaining to still life.

Where you place them is just as important as your light source.

The size and shape of your objects and their placement will create an impact with your target market. You can always see when viewing a painting—even if it took years to paint—if the artist had passion for his or her subject.

We’ve all seen slap-dash artwork in galleries or in higher school grades where the artist just does not give a hoot “as it is only artwork.”

My guess is that there is more slap-dash than real professional artwork. I really feel for the artist who just does not care. If you don’t care, why do it?

See all those works of art on the fridge door? Those 5 – 6 year olds were passionate in their creative ways—and it shows up in their work.

You can always argue with people who would say “that slap-dash there, is all part of expressing my feelings” and they would be right; he or she, the artist, did not give a hoot and it shows.

My message is to say “be professional in all your drawings and paintings”, do not slap on your paint any old way as “it does not matter.” It does matter to you, as it really is part of you.

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