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Simple and Easy Art Lessons USA

It is relatively easy for any beginner to start art lessons. 

Anyone can draw from the ages of 2 until into your hundred years plus!

All you require to kick off your drawing career is a pencil and paper—the paper can be that cheap stuff used for your home printer.

It does not matter about your pencil, it can be an HB or a 2B, the 2B being the softer pencil giving you blacker lines. We can go into pencils in more details later.

box to show basic sketch of book for articleSketch to Show Basics of Drawing a Book

Your first drawing should be sheer doodling.

This will loosen up your thoughts and ideas but if you can think of something you like (perhaps your cat or pet) just start drawing.

It does not matter at all what it looks like—it’s for your eyes only. All of the famous artists started off this way, some of them clutched a pencil before they could walk!

Use drawing on left as a basic guide to what a book should look like.

As you start your scribbling or doodling and you have a  few lines drawn, do not use an eraser if you think your drawing  is not quite right. Start another drawing instead. I’ll teach you all the finer things about erasers later where you can get marvelous effects in your drawings. It is knowing when to use an eraser and when not to.

Now fill up your entire page with your scribbles (or doodles). Do you see anything interesting in your first page of drawing? Maybe you see only abstract shapes—abstract shapes are those things that do not represent any particular thing.

After you have doodled on a few pages it is now time to draw something specific. Your best choice is to get a small box about the size of a thick book. Place the book near a light source where it can cast a shadow on one side--either the left or right side.

Now draw in an elongated rectangle which can be one end of the book or another. Next draw the edges of the book but carefully look at the angles drawn in from the rectangle and where it recedes away from you.

Now looking at your book, which side does the shadow fall? Left or right side? Holding your pencil lightly, shade in by crosshatching until your shadow of the book looks about right. Does it?

If it does not look right to you, begin another drawing and try again. Judge one side of the book and see if it looks right—that is the actual side of the book looks as if it fits in well with the size of the rectangle?

This is where you can start judging proportion to get an accurate likeness. These basics will get you to become a master of drawing which you will love when you can draw anything!

Simple and Easy Art Lessons USA is a MUST tutorial to raise the bar!

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