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For anyone who enjoys sketching, especially bird sketches, you’ll want to have plenty of art supplies on hand at most times of the year, because every season can be a prime season for bird sketching, even the winter. I've dropped some images below here of all types of birds, some pretty, others not so cool.

So scan these images below and pick out a few to copy to get you going. An ornithologist might be able to identify a few as I haven't a clue!

You can sketch birds at any time of the year since there are always birds that stick around through winter, except in the very northernmost areas of the world. Even if it’s snowing outside, you may see birds at your bird feeder. Winter is a great time to sketch woodpeckers. You’ll want to have some binoculars or a telescope handy to spot these noisy birds for sketching. Also in winter, you can spot cardinals, sparrows, finches, goldfinches and chickadees.

In the spring, you can find an even wider variety of birds to sketch, like the Baltimore Oriole, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak or the Yellow-Rumped Warbler. Sit yourself in front of a popular bush or tree and sketch as they come and go. You might notice hummingbirds during late spring as well.

In the fall, you’ll find many varieties of birds, like the woodpeckers,  kingfisher, owls and the Brown Thrasher. Depending on where you are, you may also find jays, goldfinches, starlings, thrushes,  kinglets, wrens, bluebirds, nuthatches and juncos.

In the summer, its prime time for sketching all sorts of jays, especially blue jays, they hang around in pairs here in the Rockies. Hummingbirds will be at their most active as well. Also common are loons, the Common Grackle, catbirds, robins, sparrows, mockingbirds, Orioles, wrens, finches and many more. In fact, spring and summer will be your best bets for finding the most varieties of birds to sketch.

For your bird sketches, keep in mind that you can always go to your nearest park, bird sanctuary, national or state parks, designated wildlife areas and many other places to seek out more birds to sketch. You certainly don’t need to stay within the confines of your own backyard or neighborhood. When going on vacation, why not bring along a sketchbook for your sketches? Or you could capture them with your digital camera for reference back in your studio.

To attract more birds around your home and backyard to sketch, add a few bird feeders, bird bath or plant some flowers, shrubs and bushes that birds of your area love.

Whether you’re on vacation or simply around your home, neighborhood or park, you can find birds to sketch. With a little patience, you’ll have your sketch book filled up with all kinds of birds in no time at all—and then you can load them up on this site for the world to see.

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