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So you say that you are a talented and accomplished artist, and that you do not need any ol' books on how to draw to help you succeed?

 While this is likely true, it never hurts to keep some of these books around; and for a variety of reasons. Here's a book you can have for diddly-squat, zilch, nada, zippo!

It is fully illustrated on how to draw for the absolute beginner, get your copy now.

If you are ever in need of fresh ideas and techniques, How to Draw Books can be a steady and reliable source of both precious commodities.

Indeed, a single good artistic reference book can keep you busy for months or even years; filling your head and guiding your pen with the ideas that can help you launch a career in the visual arts—or, at the very least, make you a proficient hobbyist. And these books, if used properly, can even help you make money with your craft.

Yeppers, we said MONEY!

Now that we've got your attention, let us tell you a bit more about one of the best and most useful How to Draw Books, Pencil Drawing the Beginners’ Guide: Step By Step Tutorials. In this single practical book, you can derive a wealth of information to help guide you on your artist’s journey.

This includes the skinny on what it takes to be a good artist and the advantages and disadvantages of pencil drawing; the stories of famous pencil drawing artists and their works and the history of the pencil (yep, a writing utensil can indeed have a back story—who’d a thunk it?); the materials and tools involved in the drawing craft; plus a great deal about the basic essentials of drawing and sketching. And best of all you can get this book gratis, at absolutely no cost! Can ya' handle it?! All I need is your first name and your email address so I can send it to you.

So what kind of info can get for a grand total purchase price of $0.00 (tax included)? Indeed, Pencil Drawing the Beginners' Guide: Step By Step Tutorials to Learn How to Draw and Sketch will teach you how to hold a pencil (yeah yeah yeah, we know you learned how to hold a pencil back in kindergarten, but artists hold their drawing instruments just a wee bit different!), how to draw lines, and how to draw faster. Plus you will learn about some of the base elements of drawing art, such as basic perspectives in drawing, basic drawing shapes, basic elements of shading, different shading techniques, tones and values, dusting and erasing, mixed media applications, drawing with pencils in oil painting, etc.

Once you have read this book, you will be able to hone and develop your existing storehouse of natural artistic talent; thus facilitating your current and future sketching projects. So if you are looking to perfect your skills, becoming a seasoned and perhaps professional artiste in the process, then by all means—do it by the book!

Your email address will never be sold, hired out, traded or loaned because we HATE spam. All you have to do to get this book is to sign up for the free monthly newsletter where you can find all sorts of tips and tricks on drawing.

Want to know how NOT to get your colors all muddy in your next painting?

If You Are Enthusiastic About Taking Your Art To The Next Level, I recommend this course on how to get your color just right! The first lesson is free so check it out here!

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If You Are Enthusiastic About Taking Your Art To The Next Level, I recommend this course on how to get your color just right! The first lesson is free so check it out here!


You HAVE to be passionate about art (and drawing) if you want to succeed and color is an important element to success.


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