Buddha and My Father

by Kyaemone

Siddhartha Gautama

Siddhartha Gautama

I want to share my story and wish to draw our Worshipful Buddha image.

Because when I meditate in this world all of the people think about our Buddha's meditation. It is very peaceful to us folk in body and mind. It also gives us strong energy and power to create.

Otherwise I want to draw my father image. I never lived with my father throughout my childhood, I lived with my aunts and pass through my adult life that way. I do miss my father and my family
and hate my broken family life. That's why parents think about their marriage and when they want to brake their family unit and also think about their children and how they will survive during their long life. This is my story and my bitter life as I know it.

I am pleased to share my life with you and Buddha.
Thanks a lot for this website.

Thank You

Dear Kyaemone,

Thank you for your Family Life story...I am sure if you meditate daily you will eventually find there is no bitterness left and you will be free of any negative thoughts. The truth will always set your free, right?

Best regards

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