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Champion Bull DrawingChampion Bull Drawing

Don't we all love to see bull drawings either in pencil or other back and white mediums? By the way, there will be no bull here, just straight talk on this subject.

You may want to know how to draw bulls? Well, that is here too as well as bulls in their natural habitat. You will find a few bull drawings below, some of them maybe okay for a tattoo?

A famous artist, Picasso, sketched bulls often using various styles from Cubism to abstract forms. This symbolized Spanish ideas such as strength, vitality and possibly what he thought of himself as an artist.

Study some of his drawings of bulls, it will not only give you inspiration but also how he used a pen and ink with dynamic lines to represent the form of the bull. I don't know if Picasso ever went to the bull fights in Spain as I've never seen any of his drawings with bullfighters.

There's a fellow called Sitting Bull but we'll have to put him in another category under "people" or portraits. He'd make a great painting.

Many of my friends who live in the mountains nearby have drawings and etchings of bulls, elk, bison, buffalo and other large animals. These bull drawings do add a certain ambiance to some of these log homes but you will not find any on my walls, (I prefer abstracts.)

If you are inspired to start drawing bulls, the best approach would be to base them on circles or squares in a "loose" sort of way.

All drawings in fact should be fast and loose for spontaneity and vitality...when you get really productive in your drawings, the longer the time spent on fiddling with lines "to make it just right" or using the eraser until it becomes a "smudge" the worse it becomes and you have to toss it out and start anew.

This is where you can learn a lot from the old masters who used "economy of line" in other words using one line to indicate the form instead of multiple lines.

# drawing Sample of How to Draw a bull
# drawing Sample of How to Draw a bull
Coompleted Tutorial on Bull Drawing

In the drawing number 4 erase all your guide lines in the head, place the horns as you see them—and in drawing number five put the ears in and draw in the bump on his back (this is one of the characteristics of a bull) also place the legs as shown. And in number 6 put a little shading as shown, this gives it a little depth.

In the finished drawing above, shade in to your heart's content but don't overdo it. As you are sketching, get the idea of the light source coming from your top left. Then get your lightest parts on the top and darker shaded areas on the bottom part as you can see in this drawing.

Bull Drawings in Pencil
Bull Drawing

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