Can You Be Healed With Art?

by Greg Honeysuckle
(San Diego)

It has often been said that art is medicine for the soul which ultimately heals the body. Going back centuries in healing, shamanism came to the fore with "healing images" in his imagination to help the patient imagine he is well.

Later the shaman tries to restore the "lost soul" when the soul's absence is the cause of the illness.

If you wander through an art gallery you may have found it therapeutic to fixate on a specific painting or to meditate on the artists' brushwork and later find it was uplifting for your soul.

Some claim there is a relationship between disability and creativity with art historians at odds with the medical profession. Vincent van Gogh painted some of his finest works when his mind was unbalanced. But his creativity did not make him less unbalanced, in fact he committed suicide which proved there isn't really a relationship between creativity and the healing process.

Can art forms really change our negative feelings to positive? If you are in pain and suffering, will a marvelous painting on the wall change anything? I doubt it.

If you have any proof that art can heal please make a comment here, I'd be glad to hear your story.

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Jan 06, 2013
Like Medicine
by: amila abeywickrama

You are correct friend. I am naval officer and i always like to see arts or I used to draw pictures once I get bored and during complicated situation.

I do your work and I looked at it as a medicine to relax my mind. It will be my dream to come to your country and meet people like you and improve my ability.

Great work and keep up the good work. My e mail is

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