Capturing Nature in Your Sketchpad

by Janice Deane

On Our Nature Walk

On Our Nature Walk

What can become a better method to gain expertise than drawing from nature? Drawing is considered to be among the best exercise for an artists' development.

It is definitely an efficient way to train your artistic abilities. So now, you have got your pencil along with a sketchpad in your hands.

There is a wide array of items and principles to pick from in nature and you are a little baffled for the best place to begin.

Let us ease this somewhat; for today, we are able to compact the focus in a single section of nature in drawing.

Nature sketching is a brilliant option to improve your focus on noticing the obvious. You may decide on trees, leaves, animals, that large landscape in front of you but you quickly discover the tulips and hibiscus which you are passionate about.

Bouquets are among the favorite topics you feel strongly about which is a result of their complicated beauty. Then you can definitely sketch bouquets or whatever with increased complex construction like flowers.

My pets are another favorite for me to draw but the little tikes do not stay still for a moment. Even tiny insects, like ladybugs and beetles are quite small but challenging to sketch but I do see insects on this website like the scorpions are drawn quite well.

Should you decide to draw nature's forms (or your pets) that move a lot, you can always take a photograph of them first. Or you can easily try sketching them while they are napping or resting.

To make great sketches, it is a useful method to begin quick warm-up pencil exercises. Sketching in monotone can help you determine and define how to best fill in or shade your "nature object" like cross-hatching to show the form.

However, as soon as you've developed knowledge about your subject being drawn, have you thought to utilize more values or tones? Nature has a wide range of hues and tones (values) that an artist cannot, in some cases, decide only on using grayscale. Moving away from grayscale into developing multi-colored drawings helps you broaden your imaginative abilities.

Should you have problems to sketch a particular kind of item or topic, asking help from the artists on this subscriber list to give their advice or input can make quite a difference.

What can become a better provider than the web or the webmaster here or the various forums on the internet?

My advice is to "Just Do It!"

Contributed By Janice Deane 2013

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