Cartoon Drawings of Animals:

Easy to Draw in Simple Steps

Sylvester, Tweedy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse; these are all very famous examples of Cartoon Drawings of Animals.

These are also examples of pop culture icons that have made their creators a ridiculous amount of money.

so all in all it definitely pays to learn how to draw those whimsical, adorable cartoon animals.

Easy To draw Cartoons

Sylvester, Tweedy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse; these are all very famous examples of Cartoon Drawings of Animals. These are also examples of pop culture icons that have made their creators a ridiculous amount of money; so all in all it definitely pays to learn how to draw those whimsical, adorable cartoon animals.

Okay, the dude below here is not mickey mouse, we can't use the real Mickey Mouse as it is copyright.

Don't we all wish we had been the ones to think up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon (though exactly what type of animal is that curious yellow thing? We could never quite tell...) the Disney Gang, etc. These simple, amiable characters have inspired movies, television shows, comic books, and merchandise lines; not to mention the imaginations of children everywhere.

Indeed, people of all ages love Cartoon Drawings of Animals; and for a variety of reasons. For not only are these animals cute and sweet, but they often take on human characteristics which endear them to audiences.

We love to see creatures of all varieties take on traits that remind us of ourselves and those we know; which is why we laugh all the harder when Roger Rabbit likens a real life comic with his pratfalls or one liners, or when Puss N Boots from the film "Shrek" pulls off daring deeds and talks like Antonio Banderas.

On a related note, animated animals are sometimes far cuter than their real-life counterparts. We generally don't respond to the sight of a mouse by cooing, "Awww," and starting a theme park in its honor; indeed, we are more apt to hop on top of a chair and reach for the nearest broomstick or cheese-laden trap. Yet cartoon rodents such as Mickey and Mighty Mouse hold special places in our hearts.

And who doesn't absolutely adore Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck; well, except perhaps for those who get chronic migraines at the sound of squeaky and/or squawky voices.

And while we hold our sides with laughter at the sight of Pepe Le Pew, that loveable Warner Brothers skunk, the presence of a real skunk is more likely to make us hold our noses—and run as quickly as possible in the other direction. This speaks to the magic of animation—that it makes the impossible possible and the repulsive downright loveable.

So if you were to make Cartoon Drawings of Animals, you could take virtually any creature and morph it into a magical character that could make you a mint—or, at the very least, delight those audience members who can't get enough of your comics and cartoons. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Pick an animal role model for your fictional creation; preferably one that you claim as a pet. If you own a cat, a hamster, or even a fish, then you can study their physical and personal characteristics (felines, for example, have sleek fur and whiskers and tend to be regal and particular in demeanor) to lend depth and dimension to your animated figure.

Cartoon Drawings

  • Next select a human role model for this same character. Do you have a hilarious cousin who should be a professional comedian; then shamelessly steal their one liners and put them in those little cartoon balloons that hover above the heads of your darling drawings.
  • Combine the best characteristics from your two models and put them on paper; creating an illustrious illustration that just could be the ultimate cartoon animal.

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