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Apart from the blue sky which was done with blue ballpoint pen, the rest is with colored gel ink pens Tuzoo. And its an imaginary art.

Indian Bride by Yeshaya Mewani 
Hi, my niece, who studies in 6th grade in Cambridge School in Aurangabad, (Maharashtra) INDIA. She is just 11 years old has done some outstanding art …

A naruto sketch 
Hello!! I wanted to draw from something now and popular so there you go!! I hope you all like it and please leave your review as it helps me how I …


Marilyn Monroe 
First time to draw/sketch it is a Drawing of Marylin Monroe free hand in pencil. Drawn by Jesus Perea.

I'm a great fan of anime and so I love watching and drawing it... So I keep searching the internet and just draw a sketch I feel appealing to make. …

Little cartoon... 
I made this cartoon specially for my brother....Avinash

Crying Girl 
There is a girl in sketch crying for some reason. I made it thinking that she is sad because the person she loves doesn't love her.

Mausam ki Barish..... 
I am Amrita Pandey (manu) and I love sketching and gives me a sense of pleasure! 😃

Humorous Cartoons 
Hi, I am Nidhi and I love to sketch. This gives me sense of pleasure and contentment. Here I am posting some random sketches of mine. Hope to get genuine …

Grumpy ol Navy Veteran Dalton Phillips 
I consider myself to be a drawer of pictures. I am an old man who is pretty much confined to the home by health issues. I was always drawing as a youngster …

Girl riding bicycle 
Hi,I love to sketch. Whenever I have spare time & want to do something creative, I just hold my pencil & start drawing. Here, I sketched a girl riding …

Yeshaya Mewani, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India 
Hi, my niece, who studies in 5th grade in Cambridge School in Aurangabad, (Maharashtra) INDIA, and is just 10 years old has done some outstanding art work …

King of Binary 
Great Plan with good network with binary income to get success.

Pencil Sketches 
This is very popular drawing. Well, tell us all about it - why it is popular?

Different weathers for different moods ! 
A visualisation by a 5 yr old Aggrima.

My Pencil sketches 
Its drawn by my bold pencils.

The Lonely Girl 
It's the first time I uploading my sketch somewhere, hope you all like it :) The girl is very lonely and she is travelling somewhere so she could find …

Drawing of the peacefully sleeping half demon Inuyasha.

The Dark Knight Detailed Sketch  
Inspired from the iconic figure Batman, I have drawn this character who appears from Christopher Nolan's series of batman movies, starring Christian Bale …

Village Scenery 
This drawing reflects the surrounding of a village.

I'm new to drawing and as you can see, not very good at it, but I hope to acquire the skills much like some that I've seen here on this website. Please …

My pencil sketches 
Sketches I made years back.

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The Hungry Fox 
This is one of my favorite drawings I drew last year when I was in 9 std. It's a dream come true and the beginning of my artistic career! Well done …

Drawing Tip of the Day: Number 7 Contrasts in your Drawings. 
To create a masterful drawing, one needs to know something about lost and found edges. These give your drawings depth and volume. A “lost” edge is where …

Own Made Zombie 
It's just a quick zombie drawing of mine. :) Moderator: What is the name of the Zombie - does he have any siblings or family. Does he speak a different …

Emma Watson Sketch  
It is a sketch of Emma Watson by Rimi. Please ad your comments. Kimberly Langerman (moderator)

Drawing Tips of The Day Number 3. – Charcoal 
Charcoal is a wonderful medium to use where you can get your blacks really black, you can get subtle nuances in your drawing with soft edges and very hard …

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth" By Rishi Singh November 2015

The Elements of Drawing -- Contributed by Jollion Hooley 
Many people have tried to draw a scene at one point in their life and many have thrown in the towel when the drawing looked nothing like what they envisioned! …

Cool Girl 
This was my first pencil sketch... Submitted it so that the world could see it. Please comment on my drawing, I'd appreciate it.

The Lady. 
This drawing was taken from a photo I saw in a magazine, I thought it would provide a challenge for me. I mainly use graphite pencils HB 2 through to …

My Cat (little) LouLou 
My Cat (little) LouLou This pencil sketch was done very quickly some years ago I was on a trip from Sydney to Bunbury in Western Australia visiting my …

Zorro The Gay Blade 
Zorro was free-hand copied from a magazine cover many years ago.

Princess of my Heart 
I was free so I made a drawing which I called the princess of my heart.

Adventure Time 
This is from Adventure Time!

Googli Woogli Woosh !!!! 
It's a very funny, attractive and simple 3D drawing. I made this drawing when i was tired. It's kind of a refreshment.

The Mountain Man 
Here is a quick sketch of a mountain man. As you see, these mountain folk are very different from the "flatlanders" (people who live in the flatlands and …

Cool Boy Ash 
A Cool boy Ash, who never accepted failure. By Shivam Swarnkar

Elf Girl 
A drawing of an elf girl...she's lonely :) Moderator; Your photo image is very weak. Try taking it in better light.

Memes and All That Stuff 
I have recently read on this site about "meme faces" and how crude they are. I do agree that practically all of them are sub grade material and childish. …

Baby Boy 
Drawn in just 5 minutes with pen

How To Create the Perfect Painting 
Sorry Guys and Gals, there is no such thing as the perfect painting. How can there be? Mostly beauty and aesthetics are in the eyes of the viewer and …

A couple meet suddenly... they fall in love at first sight. Isn't true love wonderful! Amira Nice work Amira, it is a great Manga style and we'd all …

Cartoon Sketches:
Funny, Goofy, Light or Absurd?
It can be quite inspiring to see a great cartoon in a newspaper or magazine showing the funny side of human nature. I always get a laugh or two when …

Doreme & doremon  
Doreme & Doremon are flying happily...

Hi guys, this is Paul a friend of mine who sat for me in this pencil drawing. I was impressed about Paul Walker so I thought he would make a good drawing. …

Running old man and woman 
I am Srijan. I'm 11 years old. I like drawing very much. I like the old lady and old man very much, do you? Please give me your feedback, I'm eagerly …

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Kunika's Art Gallery 
Sketching is not my hobby or pasttime. It's just a dream come true at last I learned how to sketch. My drawings may not be that good to impress …

Every One having their own Identity 
Girl watching towards nature, that she having his own identity and individuality...

A cowboy with Horse 
Another sketch from me! Sketching is always fun. It's all about attaining the perfection with every single sketch.

Really Sad About Sad Drawings 
I keep getting asked: "How to go about drawing sad drawings?" If you are a novice or beginner you must have observed how people's expression are when …

This is a wolf that I tried to draw. I got the instructions on how to draw the wolf and it took me three times to do it. I feel like there is …

I Think 
A novice cowboy philosopher quotes Descarte.

Cool Sketches to Draw 
There must be millions of cool sketches to draw. I know sometimes I get stuck wondering what to draw and then I get a jolt when I see all the things around …

I Love Sketching Because... 
Why do I love Sketching? Mainly because people laugh a lot when they see my sketches as most of them are about characters we know in the family. There's …

Personal Tastes in Drawing and Sketching 
Our personal tastes, feelings, education and our personality traits always influences our judgment in art. Our preferences in art without life experiences …

Beginer at sketch and paintings...✍️✍️ 
Respected sir, I am beginner at drawing but really practice hard to make a drawing or painting. I only want viewer's help and suggestions to help improve …

Tom and Jerry 
its just tom and jerry... I would prefer to see your own original drawings rather than copy Walt Disney characters. Kim Langer co odinator

My Drawings... 
I Made the drawings myself ..Not my imagination...Just through the images I tried my skills..I hope everyone likes them and perhaps makes a comment. …

camen luvana 
Camen Luvana Who is this woman? What does she do? Is she an actress perhaps. Yes, we know it was drawn by Klutch but not much else. Perhaps Klutch …

Jason Momoa Not rated yet
Sorry guys there has been no content added, good drawing though!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Not rated yet
Actor. I wonder what his screen name is? From what I know, he looks like one of the earlier Roman's. Does anyone know? [he'll have to take his …

Michelle Not rated yet
Cartoon of Goofy

my crush Not rated yet
Actually i drew my crush..couple of times and this is the one i did its really awkward. Good, Thank you for sharing!

🎅 santa Not rated yet
A santa face sketch

Eeyore  Not rated yet
Sad little eeyore


Dot Mandala Art Not rated yet
Day and night dot mandala art. My new concept.

Maharaj Agrasen Ji Not rated yet
Maharaj Agrasen Ji is our hindu god. I have tried to draw his portrait.

JUTE ART Not rated yet
Hey this is my first jute art. I was trying to do something different. Loved to draw it.

Mandala Art Not rated yet
Yesterday I was bored... So...

Folk Mandala Not rated yet
This is one of the best Mandala art of mine. This concept is totally mine. You won't find this concept anywhere else.

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Radhe-Krishna Warli Art Not rated yet
This is my first Warli Art.

Symbol Of Love " RadheKrishna" Not rated yet
According to Hindu myth Lord Radhe-Krishna are the symbol of love. I have tried to show their love through my art.

DANG! Not rated yet
DANG! is a drawing showing a yellow duck with a missing wing trying to fly. His name is Manuel, and he chain smokes cigars. Manuel lost his wing in the …

Landscape Mandala Not rated yet
This mandala concept is totally created by me. You will not find this concept anywhere else.

Celebrities Sketches Not rated yet
I love my sketches.

Figure Drawing Not rated yet
These are some of my best sketches.

My Sketches Not rated yet
I really love to draw.

Mandala Art Not rated yet
This is my second mandala art.

' HUM TUM' Cartoon Corner Not rated yet
'Hum Tum' cartoon characters are one of my favourite cartoon charcters. I have drawn this when I was in STD-9 that is in 2005. Love to post it....

Michael B. Jordan, actor Not rated yet
This talented young man was in the new movie Black Panther. He rocked the role of villain. I adore him.

Indian sketch Not rated yet
This is a sketch of a Native American with a background of a lake, cliffs, and a spirit in the sky watching down.

Badness Not rated yet
I love Sketching !!

DRAGON BALL Z!!  Not rated yet
Rather listening to music, I love to sketch in my free hours.

3D image Not rated yet
Bore time drawing

Jesus Christ Not rated yet
My favorite one

Monica Bellucci Not rated yet
Monica Bellucci

Megan Fox Not rated yet
Megan Fox

Happiness Not rated yet

Liv Tyler(1)201805 Not rated yet
Liv Tyler(1)201805

Liv Tyler25-201805 Not rated yet
Liv Tyler25-201805

Jaggu Not rated yet
Entertaining character in chota bheem

Prashant More drawing  Not rated yet
Hi! I want to show my art of drawing only... Hey Prashant, None of these images are originals, they are copies of Walt Disney characters. You can learn …

Intimacy... Not rated yet
I love to portray what I feel deeply....

Aarush Not rated yet
Ben 10 drawing by Aarush

Motu Patlu Drawing Not rated yet
By Arush

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Linto Not rated yet
Hello Linto, This is a drawing site, not a photo-image site - so photos are not acceptable. Sorry.

Mystic Ruins Not rated yet
In Mystic Ruins are 2 ceiling turrets on a big open door, Where planes fly through the door.

DRAGON BALL Z Not rated yet
Favorite character of my nephew 😊

Hellboy Not rated yet
Hellboy Cartoon

My cartoon Not rated yet
I like to draw cartoons

Indian politics Not rated yet
It's true

Jason Momoa Not rated yet
My favorite actor.

Another anime Not rated yet
Hey! Me again! I was as always skimming through some online drawings and found something i liked so here it is! Please leave your reviews and suggestions …

Minnie Mouse Not rated yet
When I was a baby I always had Minnie Mouse everything...ever since I love Minnie Mouse ❤️

Paula Patton Not rated yet
Paula Patton

Megan Fox Not rated yet
Megan Fox Sketch

P.V.sindhu - proud of india 💐 Not rated yet
This is P.V. Sindhu's Drawing made by me...C DAY of INDIA......P.V.sindhu is my FAVOURITE sports person ......💐

Seam C 2012 Not rated yet

Flower Not rated yet
Our life is the same like this, in bad situations where the flowers are in a shoe. The flowers know to grow, however, the place is that's should also learn …

Knowledge is power, But enthusiasm for Your Art Pulls The Switch.  Not rated yet
Just how powerful do you think your art can be? Certain facts are waiting for you or anyone else, to pick them up and share them with other artists. …

Journey Towards Life Not rated yet
Life journey is compared to the journey by ship. In ship while its journey, it has to overcome many difficulties such as heavy wind, rain,storm etc., …

Charlie Chaplin Not rated yet
Charlie Chaplin Why not try something original instead of copying? Kim coordinator

india side beauti Not rated yet
today i draw indian woman painting

My Sketches Not rated yet
Drawing is a frame of mind and a loving cuddle. It is the only thing I've found in which I can lose myself completely and the only thing I love.

Look, I Did Steal a Few Ideas By Curating Oil Paintings! Not rated yet
Well, I was a bit short of cash in the last years of 1990 which was the beginning of the end of apartheid in South Africa. This was when I was in and …

Cute girl Not rated yet
Sexy girl eats ice cream, umm yumy!

You Can't Paint Like A Pro Unless You Have The Essentials In Place Not rated yet
The big question is; Do you have the right pallet? What I am talking about is the actual palette you use to mix your paints on. The standard pallet …

Goku  Not rated yet
It's made by Adobe Illustrator.

Family Not rated yet
This is a drawing of my sisters and me.

Helping boy Not rated yet
A boy who protects an old lady from the rain.

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Cartoon Characters Not rated yet
Simply a children's favourite doremon nobita sketches Doodle art Bird sketch PS From Kim/Moderator: Can you not trim your images if you want them …

Sketch Not rated yet
Bhagat Singh and Bhim Sketch by Raj Mishra

Hey Arnold! Characters Not rated yet
This is a simple drawing I made based from the cartoon series Hey Arnold! I loved that show growing up. Even to this day, I had to own the dvd. I decided …

Animal Drawing Not rated yet
Medium- Charcoal Pencils on paper Size 30×42 cms Artists- Saumya Ranjan Sahoo Country- India

Pencil and sketch drawings Not rated yet
Cartoon drawings with pencil and sketch

Annexin Not rated yet
Annexin is a common name for a group of cellular proteins. They are mostly found in eukaryotic organisms (animal, plant and fungi). In humans, the annexins …

Drew Barrymores Not rated yet
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Not rated yet
Drew Barrymore

LordofRings 201703s Not rated yet
Lord of The Rings by Klutch

Erza Scarlett Anime  Not rated yet
One of the famous Anime character Erza Scarlett.

Anime Not rated yet
A Couple. I would like to draw anime.

Still Have a Drawing Problem? Not rated yet
I did shoot an email to you last week about some of the problems you have with your drawings. This is another one that popped up from a student: …

LONE WOLF Not rated yet
LONE WOLF by Dalton

Sailor Moon  Not rated yet
I am teaching myself how to draw anime. This is a drawing of Sailor Moon.

Meeting a Friend Not rated yet
This drawing is about me going to Russia to visit a friend named Rose. Because Rose said he was cute, Bendy ignored the word "CUTE" and replaced it …

Harvest Rabbit Not rated yet
This is a funny drawing of a rabbit enjoying the fruits of his labors in a garden.

Happy Hopper Not rated yet
This is a little black and white drawing of a happy grasshopper having a good time in his life.

Charlize Theron sketches2014-2 Not rated yet
Charlize Theron sketches2014-2

The key to my heart  Not rated yet
Valentines Day Special

My Precious Pug Not rated yet
I started to draw while having treatment in hospital. To pass the time I started to sketch and draw. I love to draw Disney Cartoons characters. My …

Sunandita  Not rated yet
It's a village scene depicting the everyday work in a village

Sunandita  Not rated yet
I have drawn a village scene full of trees and huts. It's coloured with oil pastels .

FREEDOM IN THE EYES :) Not rated yet
The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape but in having new eyes :) This is my landscape painting with eyes depicting …

Creative tatoos sletches Not rated yet
Myself Deenesh k Gowda from Banglore studying in 5th std. Im so passionate about drawing here I'm posting some of my intresting pencil sketches which I …

Dreamy Eyes Not rated yet
The girl in my sketch has dreamy eyes like she wants to win this whole world.

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Bahubali picture by Ayushi Singh Not rated yet
I love sketching and all my family members do also. Your comments are welcome.

The batman joker mix Not rated yet
I am a great fan of batman and joker decided of mixing them..

Three Tulips Not rated yet
This is a simple, colored pencil drawing of three tulips. I hope that it would help to show love.

Baby Not rated yet
A baby which looks very silent and kind and deeply listening to something from which it Can't be distracted.

Vin Dissel2013-1 Not rated yet
Vin Dissel2013-1

deepika padukon sketch... Not rated yet
I love the sketch and I have a dream to become a fashion designer or logo designer.

Sherlock Not rated yet
Sherlock sketch with line sketching ! He's just a character to boundaries, no limits of his thinking skills...!

Donald Duck Not rated yet
A funny and loving character..!!

Steve Carell2012-5 Not rated yet
Steve Carell2012-5

Steve Carell2012-4 Not rated yet
Steve Carell2012-4

Steve Carell2011-1 Not rated yet
Steve Carell2011-1

Baahubali  Not rated yet
My pencil sketch of prabhas from the movie baahubali 2

Institutionalized Injustice Not rated yet
My drawing is inspired by the news I got from the media. It is a way for me to act about social injustice.

Anime is love Not rated yet
I love anime and enjoy drawing and watching as well... This is a blood-shed sad manga character I drew with my imagination as I was feeling a little …

Robert De Niro 2012-1 Not rated yet
Robert De Niro 2012-1

Bangles Not rated yet
Main theme of drawing is coloring. To learn color shades I drew this. It is a collection of wooden bangles. I got inspiration for drawing this from Varanasi …

Kung ku panda Not rated yet
I have drawn the sketch of kung fu panda randomly in my notebook after watching the movie.

The natural puff Not rated yet
I simply typed “natural hair” into Google Search and chose my favorite picture and drew it in cartoon.

Myracle’s Art Not rated yet
The first drawing is of Penny Proud from the Proud Family. The second is of Noah Brooks in cartoon form from the show Star on FOX Network.

Twenty and Memories Not rated yet
My drawing about my childhood memories that I enjoy a lot! I will tell you the best part that let me go back to my childhood and that is the sweet voice …

MeganFox2012-6 Not rated yet

Pencil Sketch Art For Beginners Not rated yet
Pencil sketching art is one of the most therapeutic activity to be involved in. Why? It really takes your mind off stressful things that are going along …

The hero and the Demon Not rated yet
I like drawing Manga with a fantasy theme. Because when I draw a monster or maybe warrior, magician... You know like a game, it feels like I can build …

Pencil Sketch Drawings USA Not rated yet
Follow Pencil Sketch Drawings USA Drawing with a pencil is the most immediate way of showing an idea or feeling (emotion) in a visual way. And …

Pink Not rated yet

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Moni Sketches Not rated yet
Am actually not a professional sketcher😎.... I like to do drawings which I see this is an habbit for me from small but I love to do sketches💖 because it …

JAMES BUTLER HICKOK - WILD BILL: Pencil sketch done in by Dalton Phillips in 2017.

Itachi Uchiha Not rated yet
My first time and without using an eraser. There is nothing wrong with using an eraser!

Preview of Icon Viprin 2.2 :) Not rated yet
This is an icon made in Krita and Ms paint. A lot of blue but smooth line! Made by me, (took me 26 minutes to figure out the lines and the color …

image of an cute girl. Not rated yet
I have drawn an image of a cute girl ..I am uploading an image for the very first time.

Mr. Bean Not rated yet
Mr. Bean

God of VM Not rated yet
My belief. Pity you put your drawing on its side. Images lying sideways will no longer be accepted. Kim Langerman Moderator for Drawing Pencil …

I just love drawing Manga Anime.... It's sooo much fun!!!

Belle of the Ball Not rated yet
I try to imagine a Southern girl in a ballroom setting, just pretty and just fun !

Pink rabbit in the new land  Not rated yet
Is a fantasy drawing. The pink rabbit bought a ticket to go to the new land and he just found a moose informe of him on his way. Around him there is …

Splash of Color Not rated yet
These sketches are just my take on different styles and colors for different occasions, I just like to sketch clothing, I have many folders of sketches …

Just Mix & Match(NIDHI) Not rated yet
Just mixed different cartoons together !!

Goofy on walk Not rated yet
Just tried out with Goofy (famous cartoon from Walt Disney) this time. Hope it came out with best upshot. Comments are always welcomed 😊

Stephen Amell/ The Green Arrow Not rated yet
One of my favorite shows. Stephen Amell plays a mean Green Arrow.

READING BY LAMP LIGHT: A good exercise to challenge yourself with drawing shadows and the effects of light in general. Try it. As you can see - I am not …

Pokémon family Not rated yet
My drawing relate with my best friend favourite cartoon Pokémon.

Funny characters  Not rated yet
One more sketch from me. It's always better to use vibrant colors, that will help to add life to it. This sketch is just a mix and match of different cartoon …

SHIP'S BOSUN AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Of course, we all know there was no such thing as Equal Opportunity in those - in the Navy or anywhere else. This drawing …

Drawings Of Flowers The Easy Way Not rated yet
There are lots of ways to draw flowers - depends on you drawing skill level. The pros just start their drawings from anywhere on their canvas or they might …

Drawing Landscapes My Way Not rated yet
OK, so the prespective is all awash which means I'll have to go back to drawing school - but do you think the flowers look alright? I'd like to changes …


GOKU ssj 3 Not rated yet
I have just made it very easily. I have just used normal lead pencil and for colouring I have used steadler colour pencils.

Cute boy with cat Not rated yet
I am always an admirer of art & creativity as I always had inclination towards it.With every sketch of mine,I attempt to achieve the next level.More the …

MY KIND OF PEOPLE Not rated yet
MY KIND OF PEOPLE: just for fun.

THE COAST GUARD IS ON THE WAY!: When other ships are pulling into port for safe haven during the hurricane season, the U.S. Coast Guard cutters are on …

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JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE: This drawing shows the progression of aging as a man travels through life. Same person at various stages, starting in 20's and ending …

SAILING SHIP IN CALM SEAS: A sailing ship makes its way through calm waters. Storm clouds behind it could forecast heavy weather coming later but for now …

Girl with her pet Not rated yet
Sketching always helps me to work on my imagination the better way. Today I painted a girl relaxing with her pet. Hope visitors would like it! Looking …

PROUD COMANCHE WARRIOR: I am fascinated by Native Americans. The area of Texas where I was born and raised was part of the Comancheria. It was inhabited …

IN PERIL AT SEA Not rated yet
IN PERIL AT SEA: The sketch depicts a young sailor at the helm of a sailing ship with an officer standing behind him. They are passing through a bad …

IT REALLY COULD HAPPEN: A woman stands beside a highway in the desert. She holds a toddler in her arms and pulls the child against her. She has a dazed …

BIGFOOT SAYS HI! Not rated yet
BIGFOOT SAYS HI: Our hunter friend is more concerned about admiring his new shotgun than he is with paying attention to his surroundings. He has no idea …

The lord brothers... Not rated yet
It's a wall painting of lord Ganesha and Lord Subrahmanya sitting on the peacock the vehicle of lord Subrahmanya...enjoying each other's company and having …

REX the wonder wolf Not rated yet
Rex is a super hero wolf

Trouble the spoil rotten kid Not rated yet
Trouble is a spoilt little boy who has his way by getting what he wants!

OLM MAN CHILLIN' Not rated yet
Shows an old man watching Fox News.

Humorous Cartoons Not rated yet
Hi, I am Nidhi & I love to sketch.This gives me sense of pleasure and contentment.Here I am posting some random sketches of mine.Hope to get genuine feedback …

Cute Dogs Not rated yet
Hi, I like to sketch cartoons.I have sketched 2 dogs here in cartoon form. I just love sketching - I feel myself confident, happy & content while …

All shades of lips Not rated yet
Studying law doesn't let me go away from my passion that is drawing ... Trying to master the lips that as eyes can express many emotions

Naveen Vinod Not rated yet
Pencil sketch of great football player Neymar Jr

Art is landscape of mind..... Not rated yet
Passion ...

Art is passion Not rated yet

My pencil sketch collection..... Not rated yet
Passion. Can you say a little more about your drawing? Kim Langerman (moderator)

Art is food for the soul...... Not rated yet
Art is Food For the Soul Cartoon

Pencil drawing Not rated yet
#malayalam_actress #prayaga_rose_martin #pencil_sketch

Reflection Not rated yet
Like everything else we see everyday effect us..our heart..and reflect on us just like a mirror..the drawing says the same thing.

Things Are Gettin' Crazy! Not rated yet
I Drew This Because I Get Inspiration From Cartoonists Like John Kricfalusi And Danny Antonucci!

Astro Wells Not rated yet
Astro James Wells is about an eleven-year-old African American boy named Astro James Wells who lives with his grandparents because his parents were captured …

Beauty  Not rated yet
Be your own beauty.

Mubii Art Not rated yet
Hi my name is Mubaris from Kashmir. I love doing sketches any time...I am childhood artist who loved drawing at most best...Almost my all sketches look …

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Couple 👫  Not rated yet
A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in those moments you struggle to like each other!!

Big Teddy, Small Cake ! Not rated yet
This is a depiction of the big appetite of seemingly small kids :) when it comes to cakes...

An Eaten chocolate cake! Not rated yet
This is a cake that 7 year old Aggrima sketched within 10 minutes of discovering that sketching is 'appreciated' and 'liked' by lots of people around the …

Aveberry Not rated yet
Done on a drawing app, main character is Aveberry, a hippy, these are his adventures.

Symbol of LOVE Not rated yet
ROSE - it shows the love towards the other person and the one of things which we can give to our loved ones.

beauty in forest  Not rated yet
I am Christy Laura, studying 5th Std in Akilandeswari Vidyalaya, Tiruchirappali. I hereby enlightened the beauty of nature. I have drawn innocent …

Chris Motionless Not rated yet
Lead singer for Motionless in White/ Heavy Metal Band

Your Approach to Drawing Not rated yet
What are some of the best ways to approach your drawings? Do you have to get in the right mood? Do you have to feel great before you start drawing? …

Hand Sketch Not rated yet
Pencil Sketch by Pushkar Chatterjee.

SHIVA Not rated yet
A pen sketch by Uditgangwar.

Duel of the Mont Order Lords Not rated yet
Illustrations of the chivalric Mont Order's two remaining knights fighting to the death in the year 1999, as told in an urban legend about the fate of …

Pen sketch Not rated yet
Hi Actually, I am working on night shifts and yesterday I felt so bored and decided to draw one picture with pen - because I don't have my drawing …

The Ghost House  Not rated yet
As a kid who grew up in the south, I saw many old houses and plantations and just loved them. I would wonder who lived there and how spooky and scary …

Two Headed Beast  Not rated yet
I found a piece of tile that I thought looked cool and was going to use it for something but never did. Then one day I took an old drawing and used …

Ghost of the White Horse  Not rated yet
This was a T-Shirt Design for someone who wanted a Unicorn marching and this is what I created. I know it's not typical Unicorn looking but that's …

Werewolf  Not rated yet
The original Wolfman with Lon Chaney is one of my favorite movies. I did this as my own version of a Werewolf movie poster. I drew this a long time …

Lizzie the Cat Not rated yet
This is my Cat Lizzie that I rescued from pet shelter. I took a photo then did this with different markers, pens, crayons and pencils. She's marbled …

My Simple Art Works  Not rated yet
I love to draw when am in leisure and here am showing some of my works and I would like to share what are all I enjoy while I draw. Thank you Mathi, …

Sea shore temple in Mahabali Puram  Not rated yet
In Mahabalipuram, we can see various temples single stoned rathas and statues and one among that is sea shore temple and it looks amazing with the sunrise …

Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple by Mathi Not rated yet
It's my pen drawing of Gangaikondai Chola Puram temple built by an ancient Chola king Rajendra Chola. I was impressed by ancient Tamil art and heritage. …

Tweety Not rated yet
I drew Tweety Thank you for submitting you drawing. Sorry but it cannot be published as shown because Image is on its side and the photo fuzzy. Correct …

The Demonization Not rated yet
THE DEMONITISATION Demonization is the most contagious topic in our Nation India. So my aim is to project the advantages and the disadvantages of …

HULK MAN Not rated yet
The Incredible Hulk Man. Please note I cannot accept drawings or paintings viewed on their side. Please place it upright and re-submit. Kim Langerman …

Abstract Not rated yet
Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you. Rage of an animal blended with beauty of nature.

Last Card Not rated yet
It's about the last days of the Nigerian Zaria rebels opening a new way for artists to embrace the creative spirit of this new age...

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Write YOUR Story -- How Did You Start Painting or Drawing? Not rated yet
Look, I like to talk to you about writing comments on your paintings -- when submitting your great artworks here on this site. Not one of us started off …

Hello Faux Painters and Artists, Not rated yet
Let’s define the French word “faux” which basically means “artificial, fake, false” -- and so in these modern times ‘faux finishing’ has replaced Faux …

Anime Not rated yet
Just a drawing I did for my friend on her birthday :) Your comments are welcome.

THE HULK Not rated yet
Using black ball pen and colour pen By Pranav P Melath.

Morobean Man Not rated yet
Hi guys, I used HB and 2B pencils for this sketch. It is a man dressed in traditional wear from the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea. His head-dress …

Fear In The Eye of The Beholder Not rated yet
It took me a bit to draw, but it came out way better than i thought it would and I'm proud of this.

Zooperman Not rated yet
This was drawn using a pen...not pencil :D :D

Traditional face painting Not rated yet
My country Papua New Guinea has many diverse culture and face painting is part of it. This sketch is of a young woman from the Central Province of Papua …

Beautiful girl Not rated yet
I created my cousin's painting.

Girl Not rated yet
It is a sketch of girl

Humangosaur Not rated yet
It is huge and enormous and I've named it "Humangosaur. Let's have your comments on this drawing please.

My Favorite Old Masters: Rubens Not rated yet
I’d like to share some of the classic world of art by the Dutch and Flemish painters. Some of them are my favourite. Peter Paul Rubens who was quite …

Animal Drawings Not rated yet
I'm a teenager, 14 years old and i have never been to drawing classes. I love drawing and it inspires me to create great drawings. Hope you like it. …

My Favourite  Not rated yet
I like to make skulls and it was my first unseen sketch in my imagination hope you like it.....

Female Face Not rated yet
Its about a sad girl looking forlorn. Only showing half of her face - it took 2 hours to draw. By Lohsheni Ilango July 4th 2016

A Mirrow Not rated yet
It has both evil and angel in it. It shows us both. It says that we have evil and angel within us.

A Beautiful Girl Not rated yet
Here is a sketch of a beautiful girl I know. You see there's no need for make up. A girl looks beautiful in just a sweet smile! So smile on! :)

Was her Not rated yet
This picture was supposedly my gift for her but never got a chance.

Be The Artistic Role Model Not rated yet
Until recently, the word artist and artisan were synonymous as the job of the painter was much the same as the carpenter. Both are “crafts” in a way. …

Ashlynn Brooke 2016 Not rated yet
Ashlynn Brooke April 2016

The Jungle Book Not rated yet
I got inspired after watching the movie and made this drawing..

Who Wants to Draw ‘n Sketch Like Rembrandt? Not rated yet
You’d like to? Well roll up those sleeves and take notes and take a few hours off every day. Yeah, I did say every day? You want to be a real pro or not? …

My Drawings Not rated yet
I enjoyed a lot to draw these pictures. Do you like them? Give me feedback. Waiting for your feedback. It is a pity you put in the icon "nice one" as …

How To Draw Straight Lines Not rated yet
"Look where you are going, not where you've been!" Is the secret. Place two marks on your drawing paper with any measurement between them...put your …

Are You Using Color Correctly? Not rated yet
Or Do You have a sea of Mud in Your Painting? When you begin to splash color around, you’ll be confronted with several problems; A) how do you relate …

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Using Simple Shapes in Your Drawing Process Not rated yet
Drawing figures, either real life or cartoons, should be drawn as a set of simplified volumes. The main parts like the body, legs and head should be tackled …

ANGER KILLS Not rated yet
Anger is something you cannot control and something that controls you. The tree of anger emerges from your mind and kills many people. The tsunami of …

Art and All That Stuff That Does Not Concern You! Not rated yet
As we’ve discussed before, a certain level of skill is needed by any person engaged in the arts. That means all the arts; painting, music, writing and …

How Are You Marketing Your Artwork? Not rated yet
I do know that many artists haven't a clue how to market and sell their work. I see many artists advertise their work on Craig's List but with follow-ups …

How to draw a easy drawing of Ganpati Not rated yet
Try Drawing Ganpati. . .It is very easy!

Are You Blessed With Real Talent? Not rated yet
A Drawing hobby can be one way of expressing your feelings while conveying emotions. Some people take it like a drug, which they cannot live without! …

Easy to Draw Flowers Not rated yet
It is fairly easy to draw flowers as they all (well nearly all conform to basic shapes where everything emanates from a single core--the stem. I will …

The Color Wheel in All its Forms and Places Not rated yet
Our Old Friend Isaac Newton nearly blew a gasket when he discovered tha sunlight could be “bent” in varying degrees by a prism and so he produced a spectrum …

The Elements of Design Not rated yet
You know of course the word "artist" is used both in "as a painter or in our case "someone who draws" and also "as a public performer" used to designate …

Please Take Note of Uploading Artwork Not rated yet
Several subscribers have been trying to upload their artwork but ALL of them in the past three days have been rejected by the moderator. Why? The images …

Measuring for Success in Your Drawings Not rated yet
Do You Want to get your proportions correct in your drawings? First thing is to get your back straight against the chair and your feet flat on the …

Jussie Smollett from the show "Empire" Not rated yet
Jussie Smollett actor from the "empire

Bud's Pencil Sketches Not rated yet
Sketches I have completed over many years.

Drawing Tips of The Day: >>Etching or Printmaking Not rated yet
Drawing Tips of The Day: Sometime when you have advanced your drawing skills, you may have the urge to create copies as promotions for your artwork. …

Drawing Tip of The Day: >>Painting on Walls (Murals) Not rated yet
Drawing Tip of The Day: No, This is not Graffiti, it is known as murals. Murals usually painted on interior wall but now becoming popular on exteriors …

Visakha Book Festival drawing a huge crowd Not rated yet
Visakha Book Festival drawing huge crowd The 16{+t}{+h}edition of the annual Visalandhra Visakha Book Festival is closing on Sunday. “The book festival, …

Cute Angel.... Not rated yet
A cute angel who loves dancing as nobody as nobody is watching her. It is one of my favorite cartoons. December 31 2016

Drawing Tip of the Day No.16 >>Art Exposure Not rated yet
Drawing Tip of the Day No.16 Art Exposure Well, did you achieve to create any great pencil drawings this year? Good enough to hang in your local …

Drawing Tips of The Day >>What Really is a Work of Art? Not rated yet
Yes, what Really is a Work of Art? In General terms, this may well include all forms of human activity, from communicating, written words, objects, …

Elven Princess  Not rated yet
A little fantasy drawing I did! This is an elf princess and her guardian dragon. I like to contrast the big, brutal and powerful creatures with soft, …

The Cave Woman Not rated yet
This is the first woman, the ancestor of us all! Behold the symbol of fertility and beauty! I enjoyed drawing this so much, so i decided to share it here. …

Beauty and the Beast Not rated yet
I created this drawing by using Color Pencils. Duration- 2 hrs.

My Favorite Cartoon Not rated yet
This is my first drawing of ash from Pokemon cartoon and I wish it to be a success. Please give me your support by commenting on my art.

Queen Not rated yet
I wanted to portray a young African American queen whose is in tune with the melanin in her, into my drawing. Jasmine Rogers November 2015

Thirsty Man Not rated yet
In this drawing it is demonstrated that a poor human doesn't even have water to rest his thirst whereas another human is wasting water. For one the …

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Do You Know Monet, the French Impressionist?  Not rated yet
When Monet decided to stick to a few landscape (well, more than a few, LOTS) he stopped painting in his studio and worked totally outdoors - in the rain …

Drunk Monkeys Not rated yet
This drawing represents how the ancient people of Tamil kings and the businessmen lived with money, and with alcoholic drinks. This drawing is done …

Pope's Visit Recently: His Talk To Congress on What Should be Done Now! Not rated yet
Important Points in His Congress Speech The most powerful religious leader has recently visited the United States. One of the highlights of his visit …

Tin Tin adventure  Not rated yet
Comic collection of wonderful cartoons begin from Brussels. Please try and load and shoot your images in a good light and also crop them. Kim Langerman/Moderator …

Silence in Sketch Not rated yet
The awakened one,the entitled one is portrayed in simple pencil shading.

The spark light behind the dark Not rated yet
A fine pencil sketching portraying a lady behind the dark, where the eyes speaks a lot saying the vision is more powerful. Thank you for your interesting …

Frozen Elsa Not rated yet
I loved this character in the movie. She represents anyone who has ever had to suppress a part of their true nature. I'm not trying to tell everyone …

Nisar Gul Not rated yet
It's a pencil sketch and I'm trying to improve my sketching. I would appreciate if you can teach me. Fist thing is to do is go to Pinterest and in the …

My dear friend Ganesha Not rated yet
Photo of my Dear Friend Ganesha. It would be nice if you told the readers here a little about your friend.... what does he/she like -- and something …

Nisar Gul Not rated yet
There is a long gap in my sketching. As I have your mail... I realize. I should do sketching, so I did from your page. Thanks Nisar, Well Done! …

Celebrity Portraits Not rated yet
Celebrity Portraits See comments below: Google considers these pages to be too "thin" which means there is no enough text or content about each image …

Leonardo da Vinci Not rated yet
One of my many favorites artists both in drawing and painting. He created really powerful images in line and chalk - but I loved his ingenuity and ideas …

Vana's Cartoon Drawings Not rated yet
For drawing(#1) I was trying to sketch a drawing of the cartoon "Tinkerbelle" for my daughter; but I kind of thought that was too original. So I created …

Love at first sight Not rated yet
When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.. :)

iron man  Not rated yet
This is just an abstract drawing that any age can enjoy I haven't picked up a pencil in a while and this is what happened . Enjoy !.

Just your regular Cartoons Not rated yet
I like to draw what I see...

My son Kean's pokemon drawing Not rated yet
One of my four kids drew this, copying a pokemon card. Kean Vinze is arguably the most artistic of the four. Still, they were all born artists as …

A portrait I made for my Aunt Teleng Not rated yet
I drew my Aunt Teleng a portrait/caricature as a retirement gift on her retirement from government service in the Department of the Interior and Local …

Alien Face Not rated yet
My face fill's so funny it look like a boiled potato in the water.

Fionna × Gumball Not rated yet
So this is adventure time -it's Prince Gumball and Fionma.

Elsa Not rated yet
A sketch that I did of Elsa, I haven't finished it yet but I'm not sure if I will. It's not great but I thought I'd post it anyway. :)

Taylor Swift Not rated yet
Here's my drawing and impression of Taylor Swift. She is very attractive but not her music, I prefer other young female vocalists. Is Taylor Swift …

Antique Not rated yet
Part of original artwork ive been working on.

Escape Not rated yet
Original artwork I've been working on.

Rabid Splice Not rated yet
These are future cartoon characters jack the alien peewee the alien rat and griffalo the 10 foot tall alien bird.

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Rabid Splice Not rated yet
These are future cartoon characters jack the alien peewee the alien rat and griffalo the 10 foot tall alien bird.

Tej Ganpati Not rated yet
Sorry, there is no information with this piece of artwork. Message to artists who download; please write a few words about your artwork. Visitors …

Goku Not rated yet
It's only about my imagination

Working Men Not rated yet
This is a picture of two men who are scientists. They have bottles in there hands and they are about to go inside the lab room. One is coming …

My Anime Hero Not rated yet
This drawing I made for my future anime show.

Lucy Not rated yet
I have made a fairy tail female player her name is Lucy

My Sketches Not rated yet
If you like my drawings please write comments below. Thanks. Rahul Tajne

Re-drawn Cats Sleeping Not rated yet
I drew this from something and uploaded it and I colored it in the computer.

Luciano Pavarotti Cartoon Drawing Not rated yet
Luciano Pavarotti is an easy cartoon to draw. He was my favorite operatic tenor who crossed over into pop music, eventually becoming one of the most commercially …

Are You Ready For Madonna, Cartoon Style? Not rated yet
There's many a time I've doodled with cartoon faces until there;s a light bulb going off and the drawing remids me of someone. It can be someone famous …

Here's The Real Billy Wirth Cartoon Not rated yet
I do not know much about Billy Worth and his career in Hollywood but I've seen a few drawings of him on this site so I thought one more cartoon of this …

Mutant Test Run Not rated yet
I uploaded a mutant drawing a little while back but I thought you might be more interested in seeing the latest. If you recall the movie "Blade Runner" …

Sinister Hitler Not rated yet
I don't usually draw such evil characters but I thought I'd give this a try as he is an easy character with the mustache and his hair falling down …

Cute Cats Not rated yet
Drew this from a card and made it a little different.

Bud's Sketches Not rated yet
Sketches I made over the last 30 years. My hands are getting a little too shaky for much now.

The Governator Not rated yet
Good day fellow pencil artist: I was asked to create cartoon for a small local newspaper of Arnold being in an accident with a motor cyclist. (as the …

Condoleezza Rice Cartoon Not rated yet
Condoleezza Rice cartoon is just a slight take on her full facial. The basic head shape taken from several full photo facials then put in one of the …

Memes: How Crude is Crude? Not rated yet
You've probably seen many of these meme drawings on the internet, they are quite crude in style (if you can call it a style) but they have taken off in …

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cartoons Not rated yet
Here's my old time favorite, Arnold. He's NOT REALLY my favorite or even a hero in his movies. In my opinion he can't act to save his masculine flabby …

Abe Lincoln Cartoon Not rated yet
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination April 1865. There is much to be said about Abe who …

Collage of my Drawings Not rated yet
This is a collage of some of my drawings. Maybe you can put it on Pinterest like you did before.   Gwen, Thank you for your submission. …

Barbara Streisand Cartoon Not rated yet
Just trying my hand at cartoons mainly of well-known people. As in some of the lessons I've had, it says to exaggerate all the features but if you go …

JOHN WAYNE Not rated yet
John Wayne sketched from a picture magazine.

My Sketches.... Not rated yet
I am passionate for drawing cartoon images. I need two tools; 1st one is my mood and the second my pencil. By Adnita

You Are the One Not rated yet
My character in my drawing says "You are the One" By Patrick

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Witch sitting on pumpkin Not rated yet
I like to copy pictures from cards and coloring books. Hope you like it. By Gwen

Rooster taking picture of cat drawing  Not rated yet
I copied this drawing from book and scanned it to computer and colored it online. Hope you enjoy it as much as I like doing it. By Gwen

Alamat Not rated yet
Making samples By Enrica

Cowboy Philosopher Not rated yet
A not so smart-looking horseman quoting the ideas of famous philosophers? Not very likely! By Jim Watkins

I Remember You Not rated yet
With humans it's "You look familiar." With our canine friends, it's "You smell familiar". Gotta' admit, it's funny! This "circle of friends" are …

James Bond Not rated yet
James Bond 007

Dog and Mountain Scenery Not rated yet
I like to copy drawings from books; but I made a few changes. I also started coloring one picture on the computer itself. I hope you like it. Contributed …

My First Portrait Drawings Not rated yet
I first started drawing two months ago and need tips on how to get better. Thank you.

A Girl Not rated yet
This is a sketch made with combined effect of charcoal and pencil. Comment from webmaster: Your drawing is not too bad - is it from life or is …

Help: a Question on How to Draw a Motorcycle Not rated yet
Can anyone on this site guide me in simple steps on how to draw a motorcycle. I've struggled with perspective in getting the wheels looking right - in …

The Allman Brothers Not rated yet
Start with pencil. Then, sable brush/ink. I always start with the eyes and go from there. Then maybe a watercolor wash. Don't over think it, just …

I Love Sketching Not rated yet
Hi, I am Jayden Toh Xiang Long and I am seven years old. I live in a very small country known as Singapore. I love sketching cartoon characters …

The Witches Night  Not rated yet
I drew this on a poster board for a friend of mine, She wanted to hang it up for her kids at Halloween. This was drawn free hand in Pencil …

Those Wonderful Valentine Cards! Not rated yet
You've probably spoken at length to your buddies about this wonderful girl you have met and they do not want to hear any more about it. It's become boring …

Caption Wanted For My Cartoons Not rated yet
Hey, family of artists, I'd like to share some of my cartoons here. I want to ask if you can give me a line or two to go with each of these cartoons, a …

Our recent conversation about art and photography Not rated yet
I had a chat with a friend recently and we were discussing art and photography and how one could become a pro either in photography or any of the art genres. …

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