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An exaggerated line-drawn cartoon of a man's profileFunny Cartoon face of Stan

Do you like to doodle when you are talking on the phone or draw cartoon faces on your memo pad during boring business meetings at work?  You are not alone.  Drawing cartoons is a fun way to pass the time.  It develops your creativity and imagination while providing some comical entertainment for your friends and family.

If this is truly something that you love, why not take it to the next level?  You might be able to make some money at it or perhaps even a career.  Stranger things have happened.  It is not like you can go to college and major in cartoons, after all.  Professional comic strip writers have to come from somewhere, so why not learn some of the basics?

The Basic Shapes

This may sound boring, but you might want to begin by learning how to draw some basic fundamental comic shapes.   Take a comic or cartoon and see if you can duplicate the triangular forms, the curly squiggles, and the curved arches that make up the features of a comic strip character’s facial expressions.  Try to go for consistency and uniformity before moving on to the more difficult challenges.

Cartoon Heads

Unlike human heads, cartoon faces can be many different shapes. The most common are typically round, square, egg shaped, rectangular, pear or glass shaped.  Have fun experimenting with the different shapes and making silly faces.  Keep in mind that the shape you choose will have to fit a wide range of emotional facial expressions later.

Funny Eyes
After drawing the shape of the head, you will want to set the eyes. They are the most expressive part of a cartoon face. If you look at many of the more famous cartoons, the eyes tend to appear somewhere halfway down the face.  There are round eyes, and eyes made of dots and arcs. 

There are eyes with eyelashes and those wearing funny glasses.  When the cartoon character is angry, he may have very severe slanted eyebrows, too.  

The Silly Nose
Somewhere in relation to the eyes, make both a vertical and horizontal straight line somewhere in the middle but slightly below. The nose should be placed at the intersection. Try playing with your different shapes to create funny noses, from pointy to piggy-noses made of circles and dots.  Remember, there are no rules in cartoon drawings.

The Bulbous Ears
At the ends of the horizontal lines that you used for the eyes, this will be where you draw the ears. Remember the direction that your character will be looking will depend on the location of the intersecting points of the lines.

Draw the guidelines in lightly shaded pencil so that they can be easily erased after completing your drawing.  Believe it or not, the hair should be placed after the ears and is usually very simple an uncomplicated. 

Funny Sharkie Cartoon

Different Expressions 
Remember, your character needs to be able to have lots of different emotions, from sadness to anger to joy. 

So you need to be able to create multiple cartoon faces for the same individual character and his oddly shaped head.  

You can easily manipulate your facial expressions by focusing on three key components:  the mouth, the eyelids and the eyebrows.  Leave the other traits the same and practice changing these three areas only. Have fun drawing!

A cartoon of man smilingA cartoon of man smiling
Cartoon Clown Dancing with HoopCartoon Clown Dancing with Hoop
Cartoon of a barbarian in greyscaleCartoon of a barbarian in greyscale and lines
This is of a funny face you might see in a grocery store!This is of a funny face you might see in a grocery store!

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