Cartoon Flowers

For The Absolute Beginner

What are cartoon flowers? Are they flowers with funny faces? I guess the best definition would be a flower head with a face on it. Right? This is a good start so follow along with me below here.

If that is the case, it should be very simple to draw. Did you know you can "morph" (blend) a cartoon face into a flower and vice versa in Photoshop and other pixel editing software?

If you are an absolute beginner, start your practice run on drawing circles which will be for the flower head. These should be hand-drawn freely.

Do you know how to draw a cartoon face? This is a good start if you do—but if you don't, just copy a few faces on this page.

We'll start off with a very basic flower with five petals, the center will be where you place your cartoon but it can be incorporated as part of the flower.

Here is a basic flower shape on the left, print this out and draw a face in the center as shown on the right and you have a Cartoon Flower!

Now draw parts of the face and the flower in ONE movement of the hand,—for example, draw the circle without taking your pencil off the paper, do the same with all the other features (eyes, mouth, petals) If you do not do it this way it will look like a grade 2 drawing and you don't want that, do you?

Let me ask you a question: why are you on this cartoon flower page? Is it to learn how to draw or perhaps create your own coloring-in book? Well, a coloring-in book could be exciting and profitable.

To get you started on drawing your own flowers, copy the images below to get a few ideas then branch out into your own style. But do practice a lot as most artists do before they become well-known.

There is plenty of scope for creating your own series of coloring-in books and selling them on the internet.

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Your website is beautiful and exudes with goodness—-here is all the info, free of charge, just go and play with it, free your creativity. It would be the perfect site for our 10 year old, who is a keen (and very good) drawer in the sense that she truly enjoys it and will do it in her free time just for fun.

Vardit Kohn
The Hague