The Art of Cartooning:

Get Your Characters Going Viral

Cartoons created in a really simple style (which you can see in the New Yorker magazine) some of them are quite crude in fact—do have an impact and will sell better than one drawn with complexity or embellished with style. (In other words, highly styled stuff should not be your target but something in your own handwriting!) So you can forget about those life drawing classes and go for simplicity.

Can you imagine a newspaper or magazine without a comic section, a TV channel without Comedy Central, all the "Toons" on the kids TV channels, or even those trade journals with "gag" panels? These are here to stay as they give so much pleasure.

Cartoon characters have dominated YouTube with millions of hits with simple cartoons and NO real storyline. If you cannot do better than the majority of these animated viral drawings, I’d be very surprised! Most of these that have gone viral are characterless and quite unlike the popular Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Disney characters and other Superheroes.

The most natural cartoonists are young children who create some great characters in their natural childlike flare and they can spark off some great ideas for you! With a few guidelines, these kids can become great cartoonists—and so can you.

Most of us like to see the funny side of human nature and so these funny drawings will be with us forever in any format—pencil or digital. So look out for those quirky things you see in everyday life situations. There could be something there for your next drawing.

With all the doom and gloom you get bombarded with daily, a little relief in funny drawings can give you quite a good feeling and an energy boost.

Learning how to draw helps you in many other ways to diversify from comic strips, single panel gags, 2D animated cartoons, 3 panel gags and many others. Right now, there is big scope in creating your very own characters like Manga, Chibi, Hentai, Sasuke, Pikachu and many others.

Really, the scope is unlimited, and the more you produce, the greater the demands for your skills.

Every cartoonist has the potential to become one of the greats, all it takes is a little dedication and stretching your creative juices! Go for it!

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