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Funny Celebs - Is Your Fav Here?

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Celebrity drawings have taken a different level among the art lovers. Drawing is not just restricted to scenery, cartoons or idols. Drawing is such an art that lets every person show their inner talent.

Your hands can do wonders and who knows that one day you will be praised as the second Leonardo Da Vinci! When it comes to drawing the celebrities, who will be your first priority? A renowned singer or a renowned actor?

Who ever it is, drawing characters like these can be really fun. Convert the celebs into a caricature and let the world giggle with the magical performance of your artistic talents.

Cartoonish celebs add a lot of humour To our lives

So, you love drawing and your masters have applauded your talent. How about producing a drawing that will not only roll you down the floor, but also helps others to recognize you as a humorous artist!

Today, there are renowned cartoonist who has helped in keeping the humor alive by providing their drawings in various newspapers, journals and magazines. You can be counted as one of them, if you ace it well.

In the business world too, celebrity drawings, play an important role. Depending on the genre of the film, the artist uses his/her skills in producing a wonderful sketch. Make the famous celeb as one of the funniest faces to let everyone howl with laughter!

  • How about the beautiful singer Lady Gaga turned into a caricature? Imagine Lady Gaga having a big red mouth falling out of proportion along with her extreme curled eyelashes? Her cheeks totally gone apple red and her hair falling straight on her forehead (the bang style). Just like her outrageous outfit, you can add a glossy leather outfit taking care of her essential assets. A piano in front of her and a glass of scotch kept on the piano! Nothing can be more hilarious than this.
  • The most opulent person on earth, often regarded as Steve Jobs can be another example of a celebrity cartoon. His most famous company “Apple” has surged the market. A caricature of Steve Jobs with a sharp pointed nose with his cheeks enlarged and a half eaten apple fruit on his bald head can be a great humorous picture.
  • Rihanna, who is always bold with her style statement will look great in a cartoon character. Compare her with the cartoon Jessica Rabbit and see how they both look alike.
  • The beautiful lady, Marilyn Monroe when converted to a caricature will certainly be a topic of laughter. A big face, short, trimmed body and a big mouth will make you laugh loud. Her heightened eyebrows and a big forehead will force you to imagine that how a celebrity can be turned into a gag!
  • How would Nicki Minaj look without her makeup? How about enhancing her already enhanced parts? Well, you can surely imagine it and exaggerate it well.

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