Celtic Cross Drawings

From Dear Old Ireland 

Celtic Cross Drawings and sketches are revered throughout Ireland for their ancient heritage and charm.

There will be many more Celtic Designs added shortly, so call back soon. And you can showcase your own Celtic drawings here. 

The Celtic cross is perhaps the most recognizable crucifix in the world for its exception detail and painstaking beauty.

An iconic symbol of Ireland, the image of the Celtic cross has been used for centuries in Ireland's churches, public statuary, jewelry, and even embraced by the Waterford Crystal Company.

Learning to draw this impressive figure may take a bit of practice to grasp the ancient technique of the cross's adornment. Take the Celtic cross step by step and be sure to pull out the dominant features that separate this cross from all others around the globe.

Scallop Shaping
The basic outline of your Celtic cross drawings will be chunky and a double width as compared to drawing traditional crosses. The extra space is there for a reason, and once you get busy filling in the fine details inside, you will appreciate the extra space. Rather than straight up and down edges, be sure to punctuate each side of your Celtic cross with an angle somewhat resembling a shamrock, and give each edge a sharp triangular indentation dead center on each spiral.

Celtic Shaping and Detailing
The basic outer shape contains two circles, one inside the meeting of the cross bars and another behind the figure resembling a halo. The outside circle, or halo, needs to be double thick and cleanly encircling the cross without making any lines to the front.

The interior rounded image may be circular or ovular using some pencil pressure to make the image pop. Just inside the outside edge of the Celtic cross, you will trace a near exact line all the way around the cross to frame the outer line and add depth.

Interior Knot Work
Your Celtic cross is going to look great without any inside detailing, however, if you wish to push your art skills to the limit, you may add the braided knots for inside decor. The knots are drawn with a double line and will twist into a variety of ornate shapes very similar to lacework or doilies.

This tradition is believed to have begun when the church used decorative swirls found in the early manuscripts of the Bible and was pleasingly applied to the inside of the cross. Celtic crosses are popular with or without the knots, so you decide which pattern or absence thereof makes the most sense for your Celtic cross drawing project.

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