Charcoal Drawing Techniques

by Marcus Knowles
(San Antonio)

Charcoal Sketch of Africans

Charcoal Sketch of Africans

Well, I've had quite a lot of experience in charcoal drawing techniques so I'd like to offer a bit of advice here on your drawing website.

This advice is aimed primary at beginning artists or those starting out on a drawing career.

Charcoal is of course a very versatile medium where you can create images from a pale white/gray tone to a rich black one with subtle gradations from one to the other.

Sure, you can create marvellous effects with carbon pencils but the disadvantage here is you can't obtain the subtle gradation of tone as you can with charcoal.

With charcoal you can almost get your drawing looking like a black and white photo (not that you'd want to do that.)

There really is no other medium that can come close to charcoal for flexibility.

For someone learning basic drawing techniques, charcoal can be a little messy in the early stages, but once you have mastered it you will not want to go back to the pencil.

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Feb 10, 2014
Not Finished Enough
by: Anonymous

I'd like to see your charcoal drawings more "finished" - just adding a little more detail will make quite a difference! Hey, it is only a suggestion:))

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