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Chicano Face MaskChicano Face Mask Created For Symbol of Lower Class

Interspersed with these moving, sometimes haunting images are splashy, very modern visions of cars and beautiful young people of both genders.

Natural symbols also can be found in this type of art; you'll see lots of red roses and lush, crisp greenery, sometimes as the centerpiece of the work and sometimes as a backdrop.

Just as diverse as the subjects, though, are the forms that Chicano Drawings take. They can be anything from sprawling murals to small but powerful tattoos, portraits to etchings.So it’s apparent that, when it comes to Chicano artwork, the sky is the limit. So why not create a splashy, exotic masterpiece of your own? It's tough to offer any hard and fast rules when it comes to this creative form, but here are some helpful possibilities for you to consider:

  • Make it exciting. When the viewer looks at a Chicano composition, he/she expects to see color and flavor. Whatever you choose to draw, etch it in bold, flowing lines; and if you can add some extra, brightening touches with a paintbrush or colored pencil, then all the better. Make your picture come alive with color, contrasts and shapes!
  • Make it meaningful. As Chicano culture is rich in history, culture and importance, many artists of this category center their piece around a motto or concept such "Smile now, cry later," "Chicano Til I Die," or another adage. Sometimes they write these words at the bottom of the etching; sometimes they just relay their meaning through images and emblems.
  • Chicano ImageChicano Image

    Make it unique. One Chicano work could be a pictorial history of the people and their culture, complete with representations of Latin legends and pop culture figures (everyone from revolutionary Che Guevara to music idol Ricky Martin).

     Another could resemble a sleek poster that would look equally at home in a portrait gallery or an upscale car magazine.

    Make it yours. No matter how well composed, a Chicano art piece is nothing without feeling. Whatever you draw, feel free to "draw" inspiration from your heart and your dreams. Whether you are native to this culture or just a student of its finer points, you can make any Chicano drawing a thing of true beauty.

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