Christmas Drawings

Creative Family Decorations

Easy Christmas Drawings for family and kids to share! There will be lots of Christmas drawings here you can copy or print to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Can you draw? Okay, follow along with me here and we'll do some sketching of Santa, a Christmas tree, perhaps some holly, a stick or two of candy cane, throw in a few bells, candles and we must not forget the candles which adds a little ambiance, right?

Here is an image of dear Santa, notice he has a round face but most of it is covered with a white beard. If you draw a circle and place two lines for the position of his eyes, then draw a line halfway between the marks you've drawn for his eyes which will then be the bottom of his nose. And right underneath that is his wonderful and ticklish mustache!

See the drawing here as a guide, you do not have to copy so be creative and make a nice bulbous nose, a sweeping mustache and a full white beard. Check out the shape of his eyes; they are basically half circles which gives him "a twinkle in the eye!"

See the big bushy eyebrows? Above that is his hat which is very easy to draw in. Leave his glasses out as his eyesight has improved since we sketched him in here.

A candy StickLet's have fun at Christmas

Are you getting the Christmas spirit yet? Okay, what about this next Christmas drawing.

This is a very simple drawing of Santa riding a candy cane. Draw the cane first without the stripes. Then Santa's head which is very cartoonish—so copy it pretty much the same. Then draw in the rest of him and finally the stripes on the candy.

You can easily use this on your hand-made Christmas cards or any of these Christmas drawings here.

Next come the Christmas Bells and these will be fun things to draw but use your own decorative elements between the lines which can really be anything—try little Christmas balls, squiggly lines, even little Christmas stockings. See the ribbons and holly? Just copy them in. And you can also make nice cards using these bells—so copy to your heart's content.

So let's be really adventurous with two people under the mistletoe, this should be great for someone you love. It is far more complex than the previous drawings so my suggestion is to print a copy and trace over the outlines.

Christmas BellsChristmas Bells
Romance at ChristmasA wonderful Christmas Time

To the right here are the two lovers which is a lot simpler to draw than the previous one.

Below left the drawing is made up of circles for the face and mouth, a few snowflakes which you should find easy to draw with simple mittens holding a carol book. This could be quite a decorative Christmas card if you use lots of bright colors against a black sky.

There are more drawings below to help you get started with your Christmas projects.

Use them freely and send them to your dearest friends and family.

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