Color and Drawing Reviews:

Making the Right Color Choice

Choosing The Right
Color Can be Frustrating

With So Many to Choose From!

For bright, fresh, clean color; check this linkFor bright, fresh, clean color; check this link! There's no mud here!

Ever had a headache trying to mix the right color? With Color and drawing reviews page  should assist your choice.

And you never seem to get it exactly how you want it? We’ve all had this problem at sometime or other.

There are zillions of books on color written over the eons but they never seem to be of much help to me. There was an

overwhelming amount of data to swallow so I got lost in the stormy sea of color.

One of the biggest problem an artist has, is color. In this video you will discover exactly what artists don't know!

Many artists have a natural feel for color—some call it a gift as they can "feel" by instinct what colors fit in best with the palette they are using. They just "know" without any theory or understanding of color; it seems they are color magicians.

Most artists have the long slog of trying one color against another—a long process of growth in their artistic career. By trial and error, they get it right and the painting begins to sing. This creates an emotional impact on the viewer and so the color combinations have done their job.

You do not need to go through years of learning complex color formulas, all the sweat and tears have now been taken out for you.

Richard Robinson, a New Zealand artist, has put together a DVD on how to master color. This makes color coordination a breeze for you using simple steps.

The DVD has been broken down into eight lessons as follows:

  • Color Theory
  • Seeing Color
  • Describing Color
  • Value of color
  • Mixing Color
  • Manipulating Color
  • Color Harmony
  • Light Effects

Every lesson is explained in simple terms. If you do not understand some of the terminology, you can ask Richard or Nolan, they will be only too happy to help.

Included with the DVD is a 240 page manual with course notes to be used in conjunction with the DVD. This is a great addition to the videos.

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"No More Muddy Color"

In these Color and drawing reviews, read what Robert Glen has to say about this course: "This is a top ranking color course that covers all of the main points with clarity and straight talk. It's practical and down to earth and easy to understand. The mind boggles when I think of how many painters can use this video."

Here is an easy to understand tutorial on how to draw effectively. Starting from your basic drawing tools, setting up your studio, drawing media to use and paper.

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