Colored Pencil Review

Making The Right Color Choices

Considered as one of the most essential materials for artists, an aspiring artist will always shop for the best kind among colored pencils in the market. 

Surely, seasoned and master artists have their own preferred brand but it can be hard for first time buyers of colored pencils.

Choosing the best type like other things, heavily rely on someone’s personal inclinations. Likewise, the best pencils also depend on the kind of paper an artists uses, if the artists is light or heavy “handed, and if the artwork requires single or multi-layers of colors.

For starters, it is still a benefit to know some great brands of color pencil. Here are some colored pencils that you might want to check out in stores.

Faber Castell Color Pencils

Who doesn’t know this brand? Faber Castell is an all-time favorite choice among many artists, given the fact that it is one of the world’s widely used brand even way back in art classes in various schools.  Thus, if you are buying your first set of colored pencils, pick this brand.

The company has created different kinds, for serious artists, check out Faber Castell Polychromos. Pigments are rich yet easily blended, creating smooth results. This classic brand combines high quality pencils at affordable prices.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils

If you are ready to have different colors, Prismacolor offers wide color range from 12 to 120. The pencils are soft core in 8mm hexagonal barrels for easy handling.

Pigments are intense yet easy to blend and mix to create the image you want. They are also smooth thanks to the soft wax composition of Prismacolor colored pencils.

Derwent Artist Colored Pencils

Most pencils cater to soft artists and it can be a daunting for some artists who like broader strokes in their artworks. Here comes Derwent with their fine, harder pencils.

The pencils create crisp and vibrant tints. They are waxy but still not too soft for those intense colors. Suited for heavier strokes with each round barrels and thicker core, Derwent Artist colored pencils are highly durable.

Caran D’Arche Colored Pencils 

Great for portraits, the color range of Caran D’Arche is one of the most outstanding for artists such as Brownish Orange, Beige, Crème, and Brownish Beige. Color choices come in starter set of 12 up to 120.

The tints are creamy and smooth.  With cedar wood casing, they are water resistant. Take note that D’Arche are harder pencils thus, use sandy papers like Pastelmat and Ampersand to bring out the best results.  If you are on the softer side, pick the Luminance with its intense colors yet easy to blend, mix, and layer.

So there you have it, today’s high rated colored pencil brands in the market.  Remember the key qualities of a great colored pencil – color concentration and finish, durability, and price. All the brands mentioned here has all of them and great for beginners. Take your time in finding the brand that works best for you by starting with a smaller set. Once, you feel confident of the brand, you can start buying bigger sets.

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Colored Pencil Review

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