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Are you a talented graphic artist or a budding artist maybe? Well, knowing about the leading-edge widgets like computer drawing pads (also called Tablets) could be very resourceful indeed.

Don’t be surprised if you come across terms like digitizer, digital art boards, pen tablet or a graphic tablet. Guess what? It’s all the same!

Drawing and Graphics Pen TabletDrawing and Graphics Pen Tablet

This incredible hardware input device is the current favorite of most digital artists.

Do you know the funny part? Even non-artists use it these days.

Are you wondering what makes graphics tablet this popular? 

Call it cutting-edge technology or a superb alternative of the old-school drawing books and pencils, computer drawing pad showcases amazing technology at its best.

Before learning what digitizing is all about, knowing nitty-gritties about what the device consists of is indeed worthy.

So what’s in the package?

Computer drawing pads comprises of two basic things:

a) A flat surface that’s used for drawing images or tracing the same.

b) An advanced stylus which resembles the look and function of a pen.

This incredible digital art board is a computer input device.

Whether you wish to capture data, draw an image or simply store a few handwritten signatures, the widget can be used for numerous purposes. However, its mostly a hot favorite of graphic artists.

Have you already decided to cast aside your mouse and replace it with a graphic tablet instead? Well, are you absolutely heedful about how this widget works in the first place? Here’s a clue:

The drawing surface is mostly a touch-sensitive flat surface crafted of plastic, the hard one of-course. Since technology is always progressing, the tablets nowadays comes with super-optimized LCD screens. Wondering how is that helpful? Well, it ensures maximum usability and a realistic experience.

The device works by transferring your mouse movements or stylus movements in this case to the monitor. At first, it might be a bit challenging to get accustomed with the technology but once you are a pro in using computer drawing pads, accomplishing demanding graphic works is a mere cakewalk.

Mom teaching daughter how to use sketchpad or drawing padMom teaching daughter how to use sketchpad

For example; are you up against a huge image-retouching project? 

Well, its undoubtedly challenging to get the job accomplished using a simple computer mouse. The work becomes intensely laborious too.

As long as it is about surfing the web or doing the regular jobs, the mouse works just fine but with a clunky device in hand, any editing job is harder than you think.

Attributes like pressure sensitivity is absolutely amazing in computer drawing pads. Cherry on the cake – the flexibility of smooth stylus attached with the device gives you the freedom to tilt or use it in the most comfortable natural drawing position. The degree of control an artist enjoys when using digitizers is definitely matchless.

Why choose graphic tablets over pen and paper?

Do you love reading cartoons? The speech bubbles – aren’t they the most impressive aspect of any comic? Although a hand drawn text is exquisite and undoubtedly a special form of art in itself, computer drawing pads simplify the work by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the umpteen number of software our generation is rewarded with! The digitizers coupled with powerful tools and software does half the work in no time at all.

Kissing goodbye to traditional art is never possible. Computer drawing pads is an awe-inspiring form of technology that makes traditional art a no-sweat job! Let all creative juices flow and explore the best of digital art using graphic tablets.

Which digital drawing tablet should you buy?

Everyday there’s a new tablet in the market but not all widgets are designed for everyone. If you are a greenhorn searching for an advanced digitizer to bring your artistic creative talents on board, here’s a couple of criteria you need to consider.

  • Size – Computer drawing pads are available in various sizes. Some are small, some mid-size and there are larger ones too. For artists dying to flaunt off the Picasso in them, larger tablets work just fine. However, for the non-artist individuals, small digitizers are more than enough.
  • Impeccable pen accuracy.
  • Pressure sensitivity should be ideal. Check before buying.
  • For artists, it is always preferable to use Microsoft Surface Pros. Wondering why? Well, it certainly gives you complete access to cutting-edge programs like Photoshop.
  • Always check for palm rejection feature.
  • Having advanced multi-touch feature is recommended.

Wacom is undeniably the most popular and rewarding manufacturers of computer drawing pads. Wacom’s new-age bamboo line is appropriately the most basic and affordable option for home users (the non-artist ones strictly). Some of the popular widgets from Wacom’s bamboo circle are:

  • Splash
  • Create
  • Connect
  • Capture

Creative professionals do need an enhanced widget to work with. Hence, Wacom’s Intuos series. Features like express key, enhanced pen tip sensor, size range, touch ring controls and 2048 pressure sensitivity feature makes it rightly the most recommended series for professionals. To top it off, these models are specially designed with cutting-edge multi-touch features. Some popular models from this incredible series are:

  • Intuos 5 Touch Small
  • Intuos 5 Touch Large
  • Cintiq

The last one (Cintiq) leads the charts. Surely the best resource for any booming artist, this widget is no ordinary computer drawing pad. It is an extraordinary interactive pen display instead! So, if you have riches to shell out an real good purpose, don’t doubt…go ahead and get your hands on Cintiq today!

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