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Computer drawing is the high-tech way to express yourself, and today's innovations make your digital artwork a snap. The computer sketch pad brings your design ideas into focus and offers a suite of tools to enhance your animation for business or pleasure with a user-friendly operating system.

Google has a free 3D drawing package with Sketch Up albeit, the system requires some manual dexterity to use it. A viable alternative for the first-time computer drawing artist is the popular Sketch It for easy handling and user adaptability.

The computer sketch pad (or tablet) comes in a variety of sizes, with the most widely used model of the 6 x 9 inch screen taking first place. Although you may draw on any sized drawing tablet screen and the image may be converted to suit your project needs, the 6 x 9 inch drawing table is ideal to gain a good grip on the drawing tablet pen.

Smaller drawing tablet screens will require the artist to zero in on just the finger muscles to draw, whereas the extra large drawing surface will require some swinging action in the wrist and arm to draw. The 6 x 9 inch is right in the middle of the road and is the easiest sized surface to control your drawing or sketching lines.

Okay, I've been on the Big Macs!

Sketching on a drawing tablet offers freedom and flexibility with the sensitive-pressure pen to create bold or finely tuned lines and build contrast to your art work. Drawing tablets are easy to use for cartooning or making your own designs for business cards, greeting cards, hobby art and more.

The concept of computer drawing tablets has been around for quite a while, however, the earlier models were quite cumbersome and clunky—a bit like trying to draw with a brick! Once primarily used for engineers and architects, now the digital drawing technique has been made as easy as pie for home or office use. 

Getting started with a drawing tablet will come naturally, and it won't be long until you get the hang of the pen. You do not need to be an artist to do well with a drawing tablet, just relax and have fun with it and let the high-tech computer sketch program take you for a ride.

Here are some drawings you can create quite easily on a computer today, from cartoon characters, realistic flowers, fast cars, animals and anything you can think of. Interestingly you can create life-like figures and portraits using 3D software.

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Your website is beautiful and exudes with goodness—-here is all the info, free of charge, just go and play with it, free your creativity. It would be the perfect site for our 10 year old, who is a keen (and very good) drawer in the sense that she truly enjoys it and will do it in her free time just for fun.

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