Contemporary Art Today

What Is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary Art is the Art of Today by Artists Living in The 21st Century 

This is either contemporary or abstract. They are interchangeable!This is either contemporary or abstract. They are interchangeable!
Abstract Art created with charcoal and white paint.This Contemporary art is created by using splurges of oil, water and ink
colorful abstract painting - it does not represent anything man-made.colorful abstract painting - it does not represent anything man-made.

The process and the methodology a piece of art undergoes are relatively given more importance and attention rather than the finished artwork itself.

That is contemporary art. In an arena where there is an outstanding advancement of technology and in a culturally diverse world, a single painting can echo an array of emotions. The woes, disappointments, and frustrations on today’s society and disagreements on several ideals are well encrypted in every single stroke of the brush.

Contemporary art may be referred to as art pieces produced by artists living at the present time.  This is just a single piece of a puzzle. Artists nowadays veer away from the realistic representation, norms, and ideals of traditional art. How good a masterpiece looks like is no longer of importance.

From now on, the journey is more definitive than the destination. Using a variety of media, artists were able to utilize contemporary arts to point out their views and opinions on everything that is happening in the world right now. The conundrum of twisted events led to a masterpiece that lacked form and ideals. 

Inspired by abstract expressionism, even the process of dripping paint is a masterpiece on its own once it brings with it a series of influential and awakening events. Contemporary art is not to be confused with abstract expressionism, for the former lacked form and adherence to certain idealism compared to the latter.  Contemporary art pulls from a vast and infinite source of materials and styles that are somehow difficult to comprehend.

 Types of contemporary art

•    Appropriation

Many contemporary artists find inspiration from objects obtained from the previous era and time periods.  An artist may borrow another artist’s work or reuse the elements of it and call it his own. From a single bark of a tree to a beetle pinned into a canvas, it can be transformed into a masterpiece as long as the artist can imprint his expressions and opinion into it in any way he deems possible.

•    Video art

Gone are the days when art is only accessible and comprehensible by the elite.  With the birth of video art, people from all walks of life can understand and relate to it. Video art is not something that an artist would want to own; it is more of the experience he can relay to his audience. Television is now used by artists as a medium to share their ideas with the common people. With the extreme influence of media on the masses nowadays, video art is a very powerful tool for change.

•    Site-specific art

With site-specific art, individuals can readily immerse themselves in the experience and sensation of being in the artwork itself. From intricately landscaped gardens of mazes to the colorful painting on the once barren walls that line the streets, site-specific art moved the experience from the museums and galleries to places more reachable by a lot of people.

The world as a canvas

 Contemporary artists have more freedom in expressing their opinions and views on the notable changes that are happening in today’s society. Artists from the past were confined to the canvasses, the studio, the museums and galleries. Now, almost anything can be a canvass for a contemporary artist. It brings with it a feeling of a profound liberty to allow people to experience the sensation that was once locked in the four corners of a white room. It allows art to be seen as a tool for change. 

Do you like what you see? Now, that is not the question anymore. Perhaps you should be asking yourself, “What am I feeling?”

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