Cool Creative Abstract Drawings

by Jollyon Hooley
(Underberg RSA)

Abstract Drawing

Abstract Drawing

Hello Artists and Friends,

Many of use just love to draw abstracts because it lets the mind wander in many directions. As the drawing grows it kinda inspires more ideas especially when you are using various media.

One of my favorites is to use a pen and ink with watercolor using subtle effects and bleeding color into the ink.

If you have a mental block and do not know where to start, draw random lines across your drawing paper but do not use a compass and draw circles -- go freehand or use your own cut-out cardboard template. This can work fine and give you great effects if you use ink and watercolor wash.

Check Wassily Kandinsky's abstracts and what is trending now to give you a kickstart with your abstracts.

For best results draw your lines in a completely random fashion using soft and hard lines.

One artist I know creates wonderful effects by getting a piece of crumbled paper -- drawing paper or that silver baking foil, crumbling it up then taking a picture of it and loading it onto Photoshop. You then run it through various filters to give amazing effects.

To give you an idea, there is a market for abstract drawings if you can introduce subtle images within all the randomness with a 'semi-image' that the viewer can't quite make it out. A bit like creating a mystery. Try it!

Thanks for reading.
Jollyon Hooley

April 2016

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