Cool Sketches To Draw

by Patricia Moseley
(Sante Fe)

Hey, I love drawing especially fantasy stuff but I call mine "cool drawings" because they are "off the wall" as you might say.

They are not Salvador Dali or Magritte type of surrealism but more towards the really unusual. Art of the unsual is really endless which gives anyone with or without artistic ability to create wonderful original art.

I see a lot of fantasy in comic books especially Manga and similar genres...these are okay but they have been ripped off somewhat terribly. Sure, there are no boundaries in cool sketches but the "me to" type of copy give me headaches.

Have you taken your fantasy idea to the limits? Can it be explored further with getting input from friends or family or other artists who will give you a straight answer?

With digital technology rapidly changing it becomes a breeze to create fantasy sketches without much skill as an artist. The ability to draw well is a big plus and helps with whatever software you use for your artwork.

Just my opinion of course. Have a look at some of my drawings here and let me know if you think they are cool or not.


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