Cool Sketches To Draw

by Tony Gibbons


Rubens "Lioness"

Egon Schiele's

These are some of the really cool sketches to draw in my opinion. I guess what is "cool" for you may not be cool for anyone else.

To me, really cool sketches and drawings are very well executed as you see in some of the Old Masters here. These are superbly drawn either with a flourish of a pen stroke or the simplicity of line showing for example, the form of an animal. See the drawing here by Peter Paul Rubens of the "Lioness"? That's what I call really cool to capture the form and perspective of this beautiful animal!

Or check out Michelangelo's Satyr which is a portrait in exquisite detail. This is drawn mainly in pen and ink over chalk. Notice the cross-hatch effect on the face to give depth. This is what I'd a really cool drawing.

More modern artists' drawings? Okay, here's Egon Schiele's "Desk" done in black chalk around 1917. This is cool because of its simplicity.

There must be thousands of current artists who you would classify as really cool. So these things I've noted here IMO are worth taking a note of if you want to proceed up to a pro level and beyond.

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