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by Swami Pillay

Obama Meme Face

Obama Meme Face

There must be millions of cool sketches to draw. I know sometimes I get stuck wondering what to draw and then I get a jolt when I see all the things around me that are interesting to draw, even if it is only a portion of an object, like the leg of a chair instead of the whole chair.

What's cool to you may not be cool to me or anybody else. Although you may not agree with me, I think the "Meme" drawings are really cool especially if they look like someone we know or a high profile personality! There is one meme face that is really, really ugly on the internet: "Papel de Parede" with similar ripp-offs. Go check it.

What makes these so cool is that it takes absolutely no drawing skill to create this lovely-ugly art form.

So you'll see a lot of my third grade drawings here, maybe I'll put some of them up on this site if the webmaster allows it. Don't see why not especially if you folks enjoy it.

Obama make a terrific meme face so I will try one of those as a starter. I encourage you to draw a meme face of your best friend - make sure it is not too much like her otherwise she might know you are taking the piss out of here! Whoah fella, be nice to your girlfriend as you might get a meme face back...YOUR MEME, so watch it!

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Nov 05, 2013
Good Meme Obama
by: Silva

HaHa! That's funny about Obama's face even though it is not a good likeness! But I guess being a cartoon drawing you can get away with really anything.

I'd like to see more meme drawings on this site.

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