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Cock and Hen quick drawingA Cool Cock A'crowin' drawing

A cool sketch is a simple and quick freehand drawing that is unfinished and can be used as a basis for a painting or as a final work of art.

The sketches here are picked out randomly for you to copy and color in.

Most people use the art of sketching as a primary language to capture their thoughts, ideas and love to share them.

It is possible to get a teacher and a mentor to help you with your cool sketches from school up to a professional career.

Sketching can be a powerful communication and problem solving tool.

"I am not an artist and I cannot sketch!"

I heard you say "I’m not an artist and I can’t draw" but it is important to note that the professional quality of your sketches is not important at all.

It is a rough outline of your thoughts and ideas.

It is all about your ideas and communicating them to others. When you struggle with your sketching, pause and think about your idea again and do not worry how well things are coming on. You may also want to visualize your thinking and try to recreate them on the paper.

Just another Frog out to catch a fly. Pencil drawing on paper.Just another Frog out to catch a fly. Pencil drawing on paper.
Seal at PlaySeal at Play but prefers to play in the water. Pencil and pen drawing.

What about software and hardware tool?

Yes, there are several software and hardware tools available that will produce amazing sketches and drawings. It is great to add sketching to the design process since it will amplify software and hardware tools. Sketching will make you think differently and bring out your ideas quickly without any risk. It also enables you to discuss your ideas with your friends and family.

Walrus Looking cool in this pen and ink drawing.Walrus Looking cool in this pen and ink drawing.
Long-Tailed BirdLong-Tailed Bird in drawing with pencil

There are three benefits of sketching:

  • Sketching will help you to generate a wide variety of ideas at a time. You can explore with just your pencil and a piece of paper to get out the many ideas from your head. Once an idea comes to mind, you can capture them on paper and add your notes so you can come back to it later. Allow your ideas to flow freely and do not worry if your sketching is brilliant or not. 
  • After you sketch your various ideas on paper, you have the freedom to checkout other alternative ideas. This will enable you choose the best option by going through your several ideas very quickly or even create fresh ones. Your mind may also explore other directions that surface. You will discover in the end if your alternative ideas make sense or not.  This is the time to ask your questions and explore your ideas. 
  • Sketching allows the ability to discuss about possible ideas with colleagues and friends.  Sketches are unfinished work that usually calls for comments. This gives everyone involved the chance to consider and challenge the ideas of the sketches.  

Keep practicing!

Practice makes perfect. In order to get comfortable with sketching, it is important to practice even more and regularly. Carry a pencil and notebook with you everywhere you go. You could buy from a wide variety of Field Notes or Scout Books so you are able to make sketching a routine. The more you practice the more sketching feels natural to you and this makes all the difference. Your confident will grow with time.

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