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Mythological Beast DrawingDrawing of a mythological beast

Basically, crazy means "mentally deranged" but there are other definitions that describe Crazy; i.e. kooky, potty, whacky, bonkers and many if you see a drawing that is anyone of these, please give me feedback. I am going to put some really screwball stuff here that could be "off the wall" or a gross exaggeration of (usually) deranged humans or animals. So if you want to pencil in psycho stuff, follow along with me here!

A spirit of the Dark WorldEvil Spirit of the Dark World

Let's go through a few things we really need to know first to get deep into the workings of really crazy sketches. I am choosing images from mostly my own database of nutty stuff.

I'll also load up pencil images for you to either copy or, better still, fire up your imagination to create your very own insane drawings. Hey, that could be anything really:))

Crazy Drawings are somewhat believed to be the hobbies of childhood. Well, I don’t agree with that. Art is the most honest way of expressing yourself; whether it be a drawing or poetry. By sketching you give a shape to your thoughts.

When we were kids we loved doodling, putting up our work on refrigerator. But as we grew older we stopped doing it. And today most of us have forgotten to draw carelessly yet joyously. When did you last say to yourself "That's a really cool drawing?"

I have created this website because I want you to make zany pencil sketches again as you did as a child. Encouraging and guiding you all the way. Filling you up with motivation and crazy inspiration.

My website will teach you how to draw, give you easy tips and will also showcase your wonderful drawings. Let your imagination run wild again as you did when a kid, come, make Crazy Drawings with me.

  • There are three basic principles which lay the foundation of sound drawing skills. First, the inductive (beginning) approach which decodes the particular image. Second, the deductive approach and lastly the combination of both these approaches.
  • Self-evaluation of your sketching is very important. Improvise it in your mind and translate it on the paper. This practice will definitely help you improve a lot.
  • For better initial results, use a HB or 2B lead pencils. And keep them sharp because the softer ones go dull very quickly. Buy a vinyl eraser as well. It will not smudge lines or damage paper.
  • Purchase a ring sketch pad of the texture which you are comfortable with. Draw on it and keep a record of your progress.
  • Once you have all the stuff, begin your drawing with the help of these online tutorials.

You can make your Crazy Drawings extra-ordinary only when you know tips and techniques. We provide you with some information which will make your task efficient and effective.

  • I don’t recommend you to make yourself habitual of keeping the board flat while sketching. Keeping it at 45 degree will produce better results.
  • To prevent blotching or smudging, make use of maulstick or copy paper.
  • How you hold your pencil is the major point to note. Always hold it between your thumb and index finger while supporting it with middle finger.
  • If all this stuff is new to you; then instigate it by first illustrating circles. Once you have become a perfectionist in it, move a step forward and draw something which you are passionate about.
  • We also recommend you to go for blind drawing. In this you only look and concentrate on the THING you are drawing NOT your drawing. This method can teach to you observe and focus - and you create fantastically creative artwork.
  • Once you are done with your sketch, view it in a mirror. Spot what you think is wrong and correct it.

There is no age limit to drawing, seven to seventy, do it right now, just do it as Nike says. Draw out your really insane thoughts and splurge with your pencils, because you never know, you may end up doing wonders for this site and the internet world. Right?

A Human CloneHuman Clone Gone Wrong

I would not like to meet this guy!He's Not a Friend of the Family
Quite the scary DevilA Friend of Hades

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Three Heads DrawingThe 3 headed mythological bi-pedal mammal
Not a Friendly FellowA beastly-headed creature