Create Art That Makes a Difference

by Marcus McFey
(Snowdon Court)

Picasso's Bull, Horse and Female Matador

Picasso's Bull, Horse and Female Matador

Can you create the kind of art that makes a difference?

There's great art that emits inspiration to other artists and other art that turns people off.

The question arises what would be great art be to inspire the masses? Take for instance Picasso who arguably influenced more people in 1900 and up to 2017. Picasso's number of views on the internet and in art galleries is astounding! That makes him number one who is the most influential this past century.

Some decades ago I went to NY to see recent Picasso works of art and had to queue up for about to hours to get in. The long wait was well worth it.

Most of Picasso's is original and many other artists duplicate his style but the difference is quite large.

Here is a brief history of the man. His father gave him his very first lesson in drawing. He went to Barcelona Schol of Art as his father was a "drawing master" there. In the early 1900's he went to Paris and settled there for three years or so.

In 1925 he became hooked on surrealism but was aloof with the Surrealists there, he did not fit in too well. At the end of WWII, he moved to the south of France where he followed the "academic tradition. Most of his paintings in between 1901 - 1904 were blue - his "blue period." He was influenced by Gauguin, Cezanne and others n this time zone. These were a big influence on his cubistic style - this is when he truly broke away from naturistic paintings.

This is how his style developed by the influence of other artists who he mixed in well with.

So what would be great art to you? And what do you think would be the bottom of the scale or the least likely to make a difference? Who do you think influences the "rag trade" clothes field? It would be great to hear your comments!

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