by Sree Vinush
(Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India)

CUT by Sree Vinush, Tamil Nadu

CUT by Sree Vinush, Tamil Nadu

The drawing I've done has no significant meaning when I started drawing it. But later I got stoned and looked close and came up with this interpretation.

There is a dead body lying on the road and a man standing with a knife in his hand, so its obvious that he killed him. The killer is afraid on seeing GOD (the face formed from the roots of the grass) and he confesses pointing to the Rupee symbol which signifies - He had to kill the man for money.

This leads to violence and overall instability, thus the Peace symbol carried by the Dove falls down.

As we move towards the left we find a brickwall behind which there is a pond where an unusual water creature is ready to swallow the starfish which indicates that once an actor becomes a Star, the Evil is stalking them and will ultimately get them.

Behind the wall there a girl with no face but smiley's around her, this indicates that - She is an actor and since she knows to act she will be able to express any emotion she has to when required which signifies the presence of different smiley's around her empty face.

So, the conclusion is everything happening in the drawing is actually a movie scene... the shot was almost perfect when suddenly a small boy peeps out of the wall which spoils everything. So the Director says "CUT" which is indicated by the hand on the left side.

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Jan 18, 2013
Very Poor
by: Anonymous

Yes, I agree with the previous comment... the drawing is really poor and looks like it's been done by a 3rd grader!

The artist needs to get some drawing lessons and this kinda stuff should not be put on this website.

Jan 16, 2013
No I don't like it
by: Anonymous

Sketch is like 2 years boy school drawing, needs lots of improvements.

Keep practicing.

Jan 14, 2013
Marana Mabbu !!!
by: Veenprav

The sketch aint extraordinary but the story behind is too good :D special credits for being HigH ;)

P.S. oru thadava pakkalanga :P

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